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    For ZC users who seek to Roleplay with friends here, I made a forum for us to go to! Separate from the RP channel in Minecraft, this forum is here to host Roleplays that are meant to last a longer time. This is a place to have fun, and just have a good time.


    -As of now, I plan to add more skins to the site. For now, the default is a ABLW themed one, made with official art. I plan to add a skin for every Zelda title, so people can customize to what they prefer.

    -The Roleplays themselves, durr! I have a huge Pokemon RP that I am brewing up, and I cannot wait to start it.

    -Hey! If you want to serve as a mod/admin on ZCRP, feel free to PM me on ZCRP, and I will consider you based on how you act and serve the ZC community. If you find yourself with a rank after you ask, congrats! I aim for there to be three mods and two admins, including myself.

    For mods, I seek people who are no-nonsense and at the same time, fun people to be around. They need to be responsible and have no bad records on ZC. Being a moderator/admin on ZC already will boost your chances remarkably, but I never exclude trusted/vip/vip+ users who would easily qualify. I need to have known said user for awhile, and they need to be known within the community.

    For admins, I seek no less. Admin positions need a lot of trust from me, because they have a remarkable amount of power compared to mods, so they need to be 110% responsible and trustworthy.

    And that about wraps it up so far! Any questions, complaints, or the like, feel free to post your thoughts.
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