YoYo188's very very late introduction/reintroduction

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    Well i realised i've been on here for about 5 years and never really made an introduction, while this may be the worst introduction ever since i don't really know what to say, i don't care, anyway most of you already know me (i think) but i'm doing this anyway. I was born in 2004 and am currently 14 years old (Captain Obvious) and i was inactive yet again for a few months, but i'm back, while my activity may dwindle at times due to schoolwork all in all i should get a few hours in per day, anyway here's a brief history of my time on ZC:

    Log on to ZC for the first time, get killed an infinite amount of times by PVP pros on the old Skyloft, make some friends, get VIP+, eventually meet FletcherTheDark whom i became pretty good friends with, met some more people but most have forgotten me and i them, went dark for a year or two, came back, went dark again for another year, came back, got builder rank and stayed a longer this time while building a few places from Zelda Games and made some new friends yet again (which i remember don't worry), then i went off the grid for a few months then finally back again (see i'm improving it was only a few months this time).

    Well that was my introduction/reintroduction and since i don't know quite how to end this i'll just end it really abruptly.

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