You live in a shared apartment...

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  1. YukkiRose

    YukkiRose King of Hyrule

    ...with the last 3 video game characters you played as.

    What is going to happen?


    Shulk (Xeno)
    Robin (FE:A)
    Pit (SSB4)

    So we have daily visits from Metal Face and we go into a chess-esque battle sequence with a mastermind plotting our courses while the angel kicks his feet up in the back and eats all the food.
  2. Feverish

    Feverish Bulma appreciation

    This'll be strange
    My hunter (MH4U)
    A black op specialist (Black Ops 2 [with my little brother])
    And Link (Sm4sh)
    The black op specialist is out on a mission, my hunter is getting trampled by kenchu, and link is cutting the grass on the lawn.
  3. vayanui8

    vayanui8 Senior Bracer

    Well I guess I'd have okabe Rintarou from steins;gate, who is a total chuuni, so thatd be interesting. Then I also played the disgaea 5 demo, so I guess that mean a demon living with me. Then before that I played Love live, which means I now live with a large crowd of anime girls... This would be really fucking weird
  4. LunaEostre

    LunaEostre Fated Forerunner

    Roy (sm4sh)
    My hunter (4u)
    Hinata (my trainer in Soul Silver)

    Roy and Hunter regularly leave for missions and smash matches and shit, while Hinata stays home with his pokemon, though he sometimes leaves to go train and shit. Also Typhlosion, because Typhlosion is best starter
  5. Benjehamaus

    Benjehamaus The Hero of Legend


    Link (Hyrule Warriors)
    Quote (Cave Story)
    Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)
    Shovel Knight and Quote are best friends because they're Indie game characters and they tend to watch low budget, individually produced films, eating popcorn from rising food industries that are trying to be creative and interesting

    Link just kind of beats shit until it doesn't move
  6. Immortal_Pheonix

    Immortal_Pheonix Hylian Knight

    Pit, Phoenix Wright, and my Mii.

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  7. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    Plague Knight (Shovel Knight)
    Hitler (Undertale)
    Titan (Destiny)

    Well, I wonder which one will kill which first.
  8. Sentinel_Baker!

    Sentinel_Baker! The Gambler.

    My Hunter Guardian, The Hero of Ferelden and The Dragonborn. Not bad.
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  9. KxWarrior

    KxWarrior Wot r u dern in mah swemph

    Mario, Link, and Venom Snake. I don't see a problem here.
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  10. Minichen

    Minichen snnzz

    Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)
    Roxas (Kingdom Hearts)
    MU (Fire Emblem: Awakening)

    They'd all be really good study buddies. But Yukiko laughing at very minor things may annoy them a little. They'd also chill and get some ice cream and whatnot.
  11. MasterofZelda14

    MasterofZelda14 Hylian Knight

    Link (Majora's Mask) My character from Fantasy Life, who is pretty much a more Scholarly version of Link, and Samus........Well, I could see Link cutting all the grass in my yard, my FL character cooking and doing Science experiments, while occasionally beatin the crap out of bandits, and Samus would probably steal my bed and eat half the food in my fridge when she isn't out collecting bounties -_-'
  12. PicaroRob

    PicaroRob Triforce Sage

    Yu Narukami - Persona 4 Dancing All Night
    Bruce Wayne - Batman Arkham Knight
    Mr. Game and Watch - SSB4

    Yu wakes us up at night, either watching TV or on the internet, only to disappear seconds later then appearing again the next day. Bruce Wayne is usually practicing his martial arts on his practice dummy, as well as give us money when we need it. Game and Watch is addicted to our barbecue, though he does cook a lot of good food for us every night.
  13. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

    i'd be by myself
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  14. TheDraconicHylian

    TheDraconicHylian Hylian Knight

    Link- (Skyward Sword [I'll just call him Link #1])
    Link- (Majora's Mask [Link#2])
    Fierce Deity- (Minecraft Character)

    It's impossible to start conversation with these people, the dishwasher is filled with bottles, Link #1 leaves red feathers everywhere, I'm not allowed to do anything fun when Link #2 is around, and every doorway has a huge chunk taken out from the top because of Fierce Deity. Absolutely unbearable.
  15. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    My Titan (Destiny)
    Plague Knight (Shovel Knight)
    Scorpion (Mortal Kombat X)

    oh boy
  16. LunaEostre

    LunaEostre Fated Forerunner

    Lucina (Sm4sh)
    Link (MM3D)
    The mayor of Honnouji (aka my acnl character)

  17. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    a lot of people are housing Link from MM3D apparently. Isn't that illegal?

    also my 3 are

    Prosecutor Edgeworth (Phoenix Wright T&T)
    Ganondorf (Sm4sh)
    And a Woolly Yoshi. (Yoshi's Woolly World)

    Basically Edgeworth is constantly trying to pin Ganondorf for his crime of doing... something... meanwhile the yoshi is on a shelf and is just an overpriced amiibo.
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  18. YukkiRose

    YukkiRose King of Hyrule

    update time!

    Edward Elric (MC character)
    Terra (Birb by Slep)
    Shulk (Sm4sh)

    Shulk would be pervertedly interested in Ed's automail, to the latter's dismay. On the other hand, Ed would be fascinated by the Monado as it is a literal blade of the gods. Ed would dismiss Shulk as a nerdy gearhead, like he does to Winry. Terra would probably be interested in the Monado as well, being the kind of guy who seeks more power. But overall, Terra would be like a big overprotective brother of sorts, rambling on and on about vague topics regarding friendship and the heart. Shulk would probably get involved in these conversations as well, while Ed would be hella annoyed.

    Oh yeah, Ed would get on to Terra frequently cause Keyblades defy any and all logic.
  19. LunaEostre

    LunaEostre Fated Forerunner

    Toon Link, my Fates avatar, and Axton (Borderlands 2)

    I think we'd all become vault hunters
  20. Niblit

    Niblit Hylian Knight

    Kazuya (Shin Megami Tensei)
    Logan Walker (Call of Duty: Ghosts)
    Kazuya (Devil Survivor)

    Logan and I play a game of cards. Meanwhile, Kazuya gets jealous when he discovers Kazuya can both summon demons and use magic, so he challenges Kazuya to a duel. Kazuya summons Jaki Weredog, and Kazuya summons Jaki Kobold. Having summoned two near identical demons, Kazuya ponders on what he should do in this situation. However, Kazuya notices that he isn't paying full attention to him. Kazuya darts forwards to attack, but Kazuya dodges the blow. He counters, and lands a hit on Kazuya. Kazuya calls out to his dog-shaped demon to use his support skills. Now strengthened, Kazuya is at the advantage. He kicks Kazuya in the weak spot. A critical hit! Kazuya falls to his knees, but it's not over yet. Kazuya's demon attacks Kazuya, and, he too, lands a critical. Kazuya and Kazuya are both weakened now. They both charge at each other, and there's a flash of light. Only one is left standing. The victor. The champion. The ultimate demon tamer.


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