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Discussion in 'Trusted User Applications' started by Win8tor, Oct 1, 2019.

  1. Win8tor

    Win8tor Deku Scrub

    Been on the server for about a month and I was hoping to get trusted, on the discord server I'm pretty much known as the guy who photoshops and posts Barneys, so yeah. Thanks
  2. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    I've only known you from posting Barneys. I haven't really seen you online on the server, minecraft-wise. I do remember though that you've stolen some valuables in the past. As much as I'd want to believe that you wouldn't do such thing again, you haven't been that active for me to be comfortable with giving you a yes. I was originally heading towards a no, but I'm going to leave it as a maybe, depending on what other staff vote
  3. Win8tor

    Win8tor Deku Scrub

    I haven't been as active on my PC in general because I'm currently in the middle of relocating across Canada. Once I'm finally settled and caught back up in school I do plan to be on the server more. Also the whole thing about the valuables was my brother using my account while I was afk, and I'm really sorry about that happening.
  4. greenleeuw

    greenleeuw Hylian Citizen Staff Member

    It is going to be a no from me for now due to the inactivity.

    when you have relocated and when you are active again i would apply again if i were you
    then i may change my answer

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