Well haha, I haven’t changed. Cya around.

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    I joined this server, almost 3 years ago now. And I started as an annoying troublemaking griefer. I was banned for a month and was told to wait it out when I made a horrible appeal. I was unbanned and took on the trusted rank. I was then gifted VIP, and then SVIP.

    After another year or so, just a few weeks ago now, I applied for mod for what, the 4th time? 5th time? And finally got the rank. Never had I been so happy and proud of myself in probably anything. (which is kinda sad, but I don’t exactly have the kindest environment around me in real life) Can you take a WILD guess at what I did a few days in? I started abusing my power, duping blocks and items using CoreProtect. something I said I wouldn’t do in my application.

    As I did it I knew what I was doing was wrong, but there was an insane part of me that wanted to keep going. Of course, I got banned for this, 3 month unappealable ban. As well as my staff and trusted rank being taken away. (obviously) So I’ve chosen to go ahead and leave any mutual zc community servers I was in. If you’d like to talk to me, my ID is Edgelord#7510.

    As my title says, in those three years, I truly haven’t changed, I’m just less annoying now. I’d like to thank a couple people for making my adventure truly memorable and special. #1 Nasfi, you were the first person I ever met on this server, and I put you through a whole lot of trouble that you didn’t deserve, thanks for putting up with my crap and maintaining a friendly attitude towards me. Mergu, being in a voice chat with you is really fun and entertaining, you never fail to make me laugh. Green. You gifted me SVIP which was an act of trust I didn’t think anyone would place on me. Here I am letting it down. I’m really sorry. Cowlio, before you started dating red you were always a fun face for me, and were friendly and would help me when I needed it. Wobbly, same for you. Chef and Ravens, you both never failed to make my day. You’re both funny, happy, and cheerful.

    Everyone else that I’ve played with, I’ve absolutely had a blast with you. While I can’t mention everyone there isn’t a single person on this server that I could dislike. Thank you all for dealing with me. I look forward to after my three months Is over. I may or may not be back then, I’m not sure at this point. You all are such amazing people who really made my journey here special, so thank you so much for just being you. All the little things you did for me are really what made me who I am, apart from the liar and untrustworthy bit, of course.

    I’m sorry to everyone I’ve hurt on the server, feel free to dm me, see you all in 3 months+. I’ll remember you all in those three months as people who cared about me, and were there for me while I’m feeling down, who’d play with me, and maybe even enjoyed spending time with me. I sure enjoyed spending time with all of you.
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    I’d like all but 5m of my leftover balance to go to chef, and all but my triforce blade and spooky helm to go to wobbly. Items include chest items, but not structures.
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    I'm glad that you acknowledged the fact that you abused your power and took your ban like a champ instead of trying to fight it out like I did, That shows some form of change from the annoying kid you used to be. Ty for offering a hand to me even though I was shitty to you and I'd love to talk on discord still or play any other games that we both have

    I hope that in 3 months or whenever you get unbanned that you learned your lesson and that this can be put behind you <3
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    I’d love to stay in contact :)
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    Feelsbadman, at least you lived up to the true meaning of staff being corrupt

    In all seriousness, it's sad to see you go out like this but hopefully you'll return better than before and hopefully you won't completely leave. It was always fun helping you and was fun during the lots of times when you'd be a part of a big group when we played games, see you soon brass. o7
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    I’ll be back almost for certain once this ban is over, and I certainly won’t be myself for a couple days yet, but I look forward to being back and I might join in on some voice chats every now and then to stay connected to you all. You’re just too good of people to be completely away from for three months.
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    Out of curiosity, who’s they?

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