The last two games you played are combined

Discussion in 'Trendy Game' started by YukkiRose, Oct 5, 2015.

  1. YukkiRose

    YukkiRose King of Hyrule

    How epic or disgusting is the result?

    for me, it would be a mash of Xenoblade and Fire Emblem Awakening

    So pretty much an open world JRPG with a support affinity level system and---

    **** yea
  2. LunaEostre

    LunaEostre Fated Forerunner

    Sm4sh and Pokemon Soul Silver

    basically we get more pokemon reps in smash

    also nerf greninja
  3. Mergu

    Mergu Normie Staff Member


    I need a life..
  4. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    I don't know what Phoenix Wright in Minecraft would be, honestly.
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  5. Sentinel_Baker!

    Sentinel_Baker! The Gambler.

    I can see my Guardian having a good time in Dragon Age.
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  6. Benjehamaus

    Benjehamaus The Hero of Legend

    Cave Story and Hyrule Warriors

    That would be badass
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  7. Immortal_Pheonix

    Immortal_Pheonix Hylian Knight

    Kid Icarus Uprising x Smash Bros... Viridi Confirmed Smash WiiU
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  8. Benjehamaus

    Benjehamaus The Hero of Legend

    Hey I mean we got a mii costume
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  9. Minichen

    Minichen snnzz

    Animal Crossing New Leaf and Minecraft. That...that would be weird.
  10. CommunistLime

    CommunistLime Hylian Hero

    Sm4sh and CS:GO... I think I'll be saving this round, boys (That's a CS joke if you don't get it)
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  11. GreyCollared

    GreyCollared Ancient Sage

    TEC 9 RUSH B
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  12. Feverish

    Feverish Bulma appreciation

    Enemy spotted

    MH4U and Majora's Mask 3D. How am I supposed to grind for S Magala armor in only 3 days???
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  13. PicaroRob

    PicaroRob Triforce Sage

    Bloodborne with Fire Emblem Binding Blade...
  14. BlackRoseDragon491

    BlackRoseDragon491 God of Hyrule

    sm4sh and fea

  15. whyhellotherr

    whyhellotherr Hylian Knight

    Twilight Princess + Tomodachi Life. Oh dear god no.
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  16. YukkiRose

    YukkiRose King of Hyrule


    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Explorers of Sky and Minecraft
    I can't tell if that's a good or 8ad thing.
  17. Feverish

    Feverish Bulma appreciation

    Undertale and Smash Brothers

  18. CommunistLime

    CommunistLime Hylian Hero

    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Besiege

    Not gonna lie, building your own chaotic machines to slay giant creatures sounds badass and is probably already a not-as-good game
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  19. Minichen

    Minichen snnzz

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

  20. YukkiRose

    YukkiRose King of Hyrule

    ^ But Nook has Locktouch, Despoil, Vengeance, Life Taker and Galeforce
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