The Gambler's Touch full book.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Sentinel_Baker!, Jul 12, 2014.

  1. Sentinel_Baker!

    Sentinel_Baker! The Gambler.

    So it's like when there's like some evil demon and then everyones all like "Only you can fix this!" Nah I'm not gonna do that, everything I do in this book will be things that anyone could do, but my character is just the one who does them xD Except maybe a couple little things that will apply directly to the sword >.<
  2. vayanui8

    vayanui8 Senior Bracer

    its more like when everyone's like nobody can do anything, oh no! and then some dude who we've never seen shows up and then solves every problem. Its mostly an issue with endings.
  3. Sentinel_Baker!

    Sentinel_Baker! The Gambler.

    Oh it's not gonna be like that xD There are gonna be problems he solves, but it's not only cos of him they get fixed. It'll either be a case of: He helps people sort out the problem, he gives them a way to do it themselves or he is just in charge of sorting it out xD
  4. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    Sorry for the bump but whatever happened to this?
  5. Peter

    Peter Meme Machine

    shit went down. project ended.
  6. Benjehamaus

    Benjehamaus The Hero of Legend

    Preeeeeetty sure it's still going on.
  7. Sentinel_Baker!

    Sentinel_Baker! The Gambler.

    It is xD I just sort of left the thread and went to write on my own xD
  8. Dark Lord Sentis

    Dark Lord Sentis Deku Scrub Staff Member

    8 years later and it's a fully fledged fantasy world with my own races, characters, cultures, religions histories etc. About 40k words so far.

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