Tenshi's Third Builder Application

Discussion in 'Builder Applications' started by Tenshi, Jul 25, 2018.

  1. Tenshi

    Tenshi King of Hyrule

    Applying again since Mergu has short term memory loss.


    I'd like to be a builder again because I feel like my skills as an artist would allow for the better creation of dungeons ( changing them from parkour to actual dungeons and such ) and building to better benefit the server.

    I was a builder in the past, And would love to be one again.

    I know my work here may seem small but I really do have an ambition to work and build large-scale projects such as Stallord. Making working boss fights for previous dungeons is probably what Im going to be best at.


  2. Mergu

    Mergu Drowning Staff Member

    dude park is a god
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  3. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla

    @Park Please don't post here unless you're staff

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