Tenshi's 3rd? 4th? Builder Application

Discussion in 'Builder Applications' started by Tenshi, Dec 4, 2020.

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    My name is Tenshi ( Eyeless_Tenshi ) or Sam as some of you know me. I'm 19, from the USA CST. I've played ZC since 2013 and was one of the original members of the build team before my demotion. I've been building on minecraft for a long time and have developed skills with color theory, world edit, terraforming and detailing over the years and varying servers that I played. I have minor knowledge of VoxelSniper as it was new when I started building and did most of my builds in survival, so I never really used it. I have played every single Zelda game there is and own all of them, some of my recent projects were going to be animated block battles with organic boss builds such as Stallord featured below.
    I was demoted for using printer and having conflicts with an old builder but since I've had over 2 years to work on improving myself and my buildings skills; I'd like to apply for builder again.
    As for contributing to the team, I'd like to focus on revamping old dungeons as well as finally adding new ones that haven't ever been worked on/added. There's over 27 zelda games and hundreds of dungeons to be built.

    The images that Ive shown below were built on a multitude of servers that I played over 2 years as well as some of my Zeldacraft work; I'd like to get builder to focus on dungeons and working on revamping some of my old work.
    These images showcase homes, builds, and terraforming that I have done in survival, and with WorldEdit and creative access I can only hope to do more. The last screenshot is the entrance to my current dungeon WIP; OoT's Forest Temple. I also plan on including mapart for the dungeons that I do to make them more unique-

    Hopefully the fact that yes I may have used printer/schematics for some things, I'm even using it to remake Clocktown in Survival as a joke base; Does not prove that I cannot build freely and with my own creative mind.

    I'd also like to toss in the fact that I'm a damn good artist if I do say for myself, and planned on creating a christmas event art piece but did not finish in time so yall get the sketch!

    [​IMG] upload_2020-12-4_14-58-48.png [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] upload_2020-12-4_15-2-35.png

    Thanks for reading

    - Tenshi
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  2. Tenshi

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    Also! Been working on learning how to make custom models if that also applies to me helping as a builder upload_2020-12-5_14-10-40.png
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    Not sure why nobody has posted on this yet.

    As for my opinion, your buildings are great. You put great detail in them. You have a good eye for the lore of Zelda (at least i'd like to believe that). It'd be silly to not make you a Builder.

    Granted we've had a rocky past, ZeldaCraft and you. I'd be willing to put it all behind us, since we're all adults here right?

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    Builds are alright and you'd definitely contribute some to the builder team though from what I've seen attitude is still a bit ehhh. If things clear up sure, no doubt you have talent, but we'll see. I'm going to say a no because it's too soon to judge a "staff" position based off a 1.5 month return after a 3 year ban.
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    I agree with coolio on this one, maybe wait a few more months and if you're fine by then you'll have a good shot at builder. No for now
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    I'd like to remove my builder application as I refuse to work with people that are openly ableist and homo/transphobic! Thank you <3
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