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    Before i get started, i generally don't like asking around for people to like my videos, or go commenting on other youtube videos talking about my channel. I find that sort of advertising cheap, dumb, and a little unfair. That being said, getting started on youtube is a little rough, and i'd rather not update my signature everytime something changes with my channel, because that to me is a super cheap way to advertize here concidering every post i make has the same information. So i figured i'd change my signature and post any updates i find worth sharing here for it :l-nn:

    But yeah, anyways...

    G'day, internet... my name is Sir Surge and welcome to my thread thingy of advertising. horray!

    I Upload new videos every other day with all sorts of goodie content. I try to keep my videos relativley kid-friendly (sort of because my 7-year old brother is addicted to watching minecraft youtube channels and he probably will find my channel eventually. Its a respect and family thing, really.) and i try my best to keep the show interesting to watch with (sort of) decent commentary and a few eye-candy or funny editing tricks.

    I don't like to ask people to do this, but i really REALLY appreciate it when you "like" and share the video. Comments are always welcome as well i listen to any and all feedback and reply to every comment i get. I'm sure you hear that in almost every video you watch on youtube now, but it really does make a difference with starting channels like mine.

    Here is a list of Past future and upcoming Playthoughs/series i plan to do on my channel
    Mario Kart 8 (200cc)
    Splatoon Global testfire
    Super Smash Brothers for WiiU

    If you're interested you can click here to visit my channel :)
  2. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    Oi forgot to say, a new episode went up today

    I appreciate any feedback on quality for future improvements/adjustments
  3. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    guys i really put a lot of effort into this one episode. I would really appreciate if i could get some feed back on the entire episode :0
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    LunaEostre Fated Forerunner

    Lovin' that commentary lol
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  5. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    Today's video might be late from the 2:30 release time. I put today's and Thursdays episodes to upload and set to scheduled but for some reason it thought today's episode was a repeat upload of thursdays. Thursdays is going up regardless but you might have to wait till later or even tomorrow for today's episode. Sorry about that </3
  6. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    I got it to work out in the end. Awesome lel
  7. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    I'm editing the finale which will go up on saturday. Then Global testfire splatoon Ep. 1 (part one and two) will go up on Memorial Day aka Monday, and then episode 2 will go on wednesday, and the final global testfire episode will go up on Friday. After that i'll hopefully get in a lot of splatoon recording to last me when i get back from vacation. Ep 1 of global testfire is two parts because it is so long.
  8. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    Mario kart 8 Series ended today! Watch the finale here:

    Up next will be splatoon (technically the testfire, but only 3 episodes of that)
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    Lovin your eps, m8
  10. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

  11. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    Also that thumbnail was made by mitch so thumbs up to him
  12. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    Sorry to bump an old thread, but Since not everyone here follows me on Social Medias, and I'm trying to get more involved in this community, but I'm Working on a Huge Wind Waker Video Series for my channel. Its not a Lets Play, but its not a boring Walk-through either. I have One Episode Done, and I have no Idea When it will go up. I'm probably not going to Bump this thread any more than its needed, So if you care about this Stuff Check Twitter: @SirSurgeOutlet, Facebook: Sir Surge and/or Instagram: @SirSurgeOutlet.
  13. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    Old thread bump is old, but I'm back in the video making grind. I've been working on a certain new series ever since the Splatoon LP ended last June. Click the spoiler for a rundown of what it is and an image of the first thumbnail. Keep in mind it wont be till 2016 Until I start posting them, as I want to have a few done to post as weeks go by.
    Alright so, this is just the pitch for what i've got, But trust me its highly edited and The few people i've shown it to thinks its really good. Basically, most walkthroughs out there on the internet are the same old, monotone annoying sheit you'd expect someone to read to you as if it was a high school reading class, yet the kid reading it has a 3rd grade reading level. I wanted to make a walkthroughs (Not an LP) that made walkthrough something that even if you've already played the game It's be worth your time to watch. So I combined elements you'd normally see in a PBG, JonTron, ProJared etc. into this new show. From throwing Pigs, to glitching out of control, I pre-record the ENTIRE series, then make use of JumpCuts, Explosions, and other visual tricks to make the show fun to watch, and remove unnecessary footage. I plan on releasing in Januarry so hopefully you all look forward to watching a few episodes. WindWakerHD_01.png

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