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  1. xX_I_Squid_I_Xx

    xX_I_Squid_I_Xx Hylian Hero

    So Basically, you put in some items you get from the shrine at the goddess statue.
    For example:
    I just got 15 pumpkins, 9 arrows, and 3 leashes...
    Someone would reply with their take on these items...
    Really kinky halloween-themed shit, and every time they guess the wrong hole, they get punished, all while being tied up of course!
    Please make sure you quote the person you're replying to, that's all. So have fun!
  2. Kozuta

    Kozuta Simply Shameless Staff Member

    "2 axes and 15 fireworks" - Squid (I think)
    Going full American with your buddy, and cutting shit down while a fireworks display happens in the background!
  3. Kozuta

    Kozuta Simply Shameless Staff Member

    I got 10 pumpkin pie, 1 gold barding (horse armour), and 40 arrows.

    maybe eating pie while riding a horse, fighting off your enemies? idk
  4. EmberDarkwood

    EmberDarkwood God of Hyrule

    I got a Spirit Orb.

    Not worth standing naked on a mushroom with a blood moon in the background.

    wait are we talking botw
  5. xX_I_Squid_I_Xx

    xX_I_Squid_I_Xx Hylian Hero

    Nah, just stuff you'd get from the shrine on ZC

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