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  1. Tenshi

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    Posting this as well- Aside from the Discord Ban Appeal thread before this.

    I'd just like to apologize to everyone for the whole Ephesians 5:11 threads- As you can see they have been deleted.

    Quoting what I spoke to Mergu about:
    " I regret posting it because all of my anger was just the fact that yall banned Gaven because he said he was my ex, and that's what led me to want to "expose corruption" i guess. I trusted DarkLinkArisen and Oatmeal_Chef or whatever to spy for me and find out why he was actually banned for 0 reason because like- we aren't the same person lol. And then Dark took it too far, and I just felt really bad"

    "It got out of hand and I'm like- actually sorry but I felt like if I said that in a forum thread the rest of the mods would just think it was a joke or something lol,
    [6:46 PM]
    The whole "zc staff corrupt" thing wasn't funny but I never saw any of the actual issues dealt with, But you said you explained them to Dark so I guess that also bothered me and what led to me complaining about it in that google doc
    [6:46 PM]
    He's the one that showed me all the stuff, Same with Oatmeal dude or w/e. I just wanted to know what was up with Gaven being randomly accused of being me when we haven't spoken in about 6 years"
    "Anger is big fuel for wanting justice and that was all that shows up in that doc"


    I'm genuinely sorry for the chaos I caused on the server but I'd love to be a part of it again. I've been told there's lots of updates and not being able to witness any of it is very saddening and makes me regret being so toxic.

    I got banned on Sep 4th 2018 for "You are banned from this server. Reason: Disrespecting staff members, nearly daily insults towards other players, and randing over to staff over petty issues. You have been given more than enough chances to "change"- This is the last time you will be banned - ZC Staff Team." upload_2020-6-3_1-31-11.png

    It's currently been 638 days since my ban, and 779 days since my last ban appeal.

    I do like to think that I have changed. When I was banned- I was rage filed at the corruption on the staff team but the staff team has drastically changed since then, and I'm glad to see that most if not all of the corrupt staff are gone.

    Based on, There's only 13 staff members and I only dislike 3 of them, and don't even know who 3 of them are. But the fact that I dislike someone as a staff member, Does not mean that they are a bad person and should still be treated with respect although I may dislike them as a person, I'll respect their authority.

    Not sure what else to add- Thanks for reading.
  2. Tenshi

    Tenshi King of Hyrule

    Gonna add some more screenshots just being transparent now in regards to the Ephesians 5:11 threads:
    ( The staff who broke the rules have been banned/demoted, I didn't know this )
    If anyone wants like full chat logs proving that I wasn't the only one who did the whole Ephesians 5:11 info collecting I'm willing to give all that out as well for transparency purposes.
  3. greenleeuw

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    I am going for a short answer no you have been given enough changes each time you say you changed and few months later it all happens again. I have to stick with the ban message. This is the last time you will be banned.
  4. DarkMarshal

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    Although it's been 638 days since your ban, it's been only less than a month since your last Ephesians thread. It didn't seem to show much of a change in attitude then, so I'm doubtful it's suddenly turned about now - and I just simply can't trust your word due to the fact the same thing has been said the last 20 times. Therefore, it will have to be a no from me too.
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  5. Ichikuro

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    Going to leave this short and sweet. No
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  6. mrwobblers

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    In the same vein of the other replies, this will be short. No from me.

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