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    Howdy, I'm back with a semi working computer and a whole lot of determination to get back into the staff team. I was gone for awhile due to not having a working computer, but now I'm back. I will be copy pasting some of the stuff from my original app sense it seems senseless to just reformat it all again (only stuff like timezone, player name, headings, and basic command names.)

    My Minecraft name: Redsheep67

    Timezone: GMT-6 (CST)

    Age: Will answer this if asked privately, don't enjoy answering to the public unless directly asked

    Why would I want to be a moderator?
    I've been a mod on this server before when it wasn't nearly as active. I tried to be as devoted as possible in those times, and I'm just as devoted now. I've been on this server for a very long time and have seen many things come and go, but I really would love to be part of the team that makes this server run and keep the community happy and friendly. Zeldacraft and it's people have made a huge impact on my life, and I want to do my part to give back to it all.

    Do I have a good understanding of Mod commands?
    I definitely have a much better understanding than I did when I first started (since now i have more work with them)

    RollBack commands:

    /co rollback rolls back data

    t: (time) how long ago which the items need to be rolled back to
    r: (radius) insures blocks only within a certain area are changed or fixed

    u: (player) Removes only a certain player’s blocks.

    a: (action) used to check of things such as mobs murdered, chat logs, log ins log outs, so on.
    e: (block id) This allows a certain block to be rolled back, or not rolled back
    b: (block id) rollback one kind of block

    /co restore restores block data (used to undo rollback)

    /co lookup looks at the data of blocks

    /co inspect lets me see who placed or destroyed certain blocks

    /co help will show all the usable commands with coreprotect

    Punishment commands:

    Light punishments:

    /jail (player) (amount of time) - Typically will be as a warning for a minor misdeed

    /unjail (player) To

    /kick (player) (reason/reasons) - If a player continues on with doing something wrong after a jail this would also be a good warning

    /mute (player) (time) - Only to be used if a player is spamming, spamming caps, advertising ips, being extremely disrespectful to other players, or continuously cussing at a player despite being asked to stop

    /unmute (player) - If a player is muted this can be used to unmute them

    Heavy punishments:

    /tempban (player) (time) (reason) - Usually for minor griefing, continuous disrespect, continuous spamming,using racial/homophic slurs in general chat or at people, and other possible scenarios that involve a continuous action of misdeeds

    /ban (player) (reason) - Usually only needed for large amounts of griefing or hacking. Can also be used for a repeat offender if the crime is bad enough

    /banip (ip and or player) - Usually used for banning someone who evading a ban. Also used for those who are permed, as a means of security

    /unban (player) - Only to be used if the person being unbanned has had a ban appeal approved

    /unbanip (player/ip) - Same situation as /unban, but now with ip

    Random other commands:

    /fly – The fastest way to get around and observe. Useful for finding griefs

    /tpo and /tpohere (player) – Used to teleport players away from a possibly heated situation

    /v or /vanish – Makes it much easier (and sneakier) to observe people who could possibly be up to trouble. And yes, I know not to speak in public chat when in vanish

    /socialspy – Used to watch people's private conversations, typically to make sure they aren't planning to do any harm to the server or its people

    /party spy – Used to watch people's private party conversations to be sure that they aren't planning to do any harm. Literally just a large scale social spy

    /invsee (player) – Used to check a players inventory. Very useful for making sure or verifying if they've stolen an item.

    Will you be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy?
    Since the last time I've applied I have definitely become much more mature, calm, responsible, and trustworthy. I'm much more devoted now, even if I can only be on for a few days a week. Given, I will be on for long periods of time when i can get on (typically anywhere from 5-8 hours straight, maybe with a few coffee breaks).

    Someone's house has been griefed, what do you do?
    Use the provided commands to check how many blocks were damaged/affected, and then see who did it. The information that is shown will depend on the punishment given.

    1-10 blocks: Jail for 2 hours if the person admits to the crime, 4 if they deny it

    15-30 blocks: 2 day ban if the person admits to the crime, 4 if they deny it

    40-70 blocks: 8 day ban, no exceptions

    70-100 blocks: 12 day ban, no exceptions

    100-110: month ban, no exceptions

    120+ blocks: permed, possible 6-8 months

    Some users are arguing, what do you do?
    I'd ask both sides what they're arguing about and decide the severity of the matter. If it breaks one of the rules of the server the person who's done the misdeed will be punished accordingly. If it's a very minor matter, I will ask them both to settle it them self peacefully. If they're unable to I will administer a 15 minute mute to allow them both to calm down (or possibly just the side that's continuing the fight). If this doesn't help, they both with receive an hour ban (again, or only the side that's continuing).

    A user is hurling abusive language at you, what do you do?
    Start by politely asking them to stop. If they don't stop, they will be muted likely for 5 minutes. If it continues even further it will be 30 minutes. Past this point if they continue I will likely kick the player as a warning. If it still continues, I'd continue increasing the amount of time for the mute.

    Someone enters another person's house without their permission, what do you do?
    Ask the intruder to leave. If they return, i will force teleport them. If the person has set a home in the other person's house, I will jail them until they remove the home set.

    Other Punishable things:

    Racism: Usually a mute, if it's a racial slur it's typically a short ban

    Teleport killing: A short jail time, likely 30 minutes to an hour

    Spam: Mute, possibly a kick

    Lying to staff: Temp or perm ban, varies on punishment depending on the lie

    Hacking: Perm

    Ban evasion: Perm ban and Ip ban, no exceptions

    Thank you for anyone who read. I will clarify this now I will usually only be on Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday, on these days I will likely be on all day and most of the night, so I will get quite a few active hours during this time. I will be on as often as possible if I can during the week.
    I really do hope this doesn't have too many grammatical errors, I tried to proof read as best I could.
    I really do love this server and I hope I can make it back onto the team.

    Signed, Red
  2. Kozuta

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    Personally, I say yes because I know how determined and passionate you are about this. I may seem biased for reasons everyone already probably knows, but I genuinely think you deserve another shot.
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  3. nasfi

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    I have no problem with giving a yes. Though there are some things I want to note.

    Firstly, I am pretty certain that 1-10 blocks = 2 hours of jail (if they admit it) is a tad bit too harsh

    Secondly I'd try to defuse the arguing situation, so both sides calm down and not feel unjustified

    Last but not least, in my opinion, I perm the people who're just gonna say/spam racial slurs. They're just there to act edgy and cause trouble

    Overall a very good mod app, very well written and very well explained
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  4. Coolio723

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    I have to agree with nas on the punishments but I do like some of them. I like that you also added a section for other punishable activities. You've been on not only a lot but you've also had the experience
    You get a yes from me, Red
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  5. Lazzie

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    I barely know you but have seen you around so I'm going to remain neutral on this one.
  6. Ichikuro

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    Bumping this as her activity has increased, but would like to see if it can remain that way.

    A maybe for now, especially considering how many staff we have at the moment.
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