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  1. Tenshi

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    When someone tells you no, Do not try to gaslight them or manipulate them into feeling bad for you saying no.

    I posted my other images in the generalized Zeldacraft section because I'm tired of people contacting me to ask me for my bases/items.

    It's not okay to call someone a toxic, selfish old hag for saying "No you cannot live in my home or my boyfriends base".

    It's really disheartening to see the playerbase still trying to contact me; Please stop.

    And honestly this report was to just ask for the mods to please punish those who harass users off-site or out-of-game, You have no idea what someone else is going through.
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  2. brassow2007

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    Good case for sure, will bring it up ASAP. Ravens’s has been banned for harassing players (myself) in game before, and I feel that him insulting people because he doesn’t get what he wants is a pretty solid reason. I’ve seen people get banned for it (not alone, but coupled with other things) before, and I will definitely give him a warning as soon as I can. Saying “no you can’t live in my base” is not toxic, nor is it selfish. If I got banned, I’m wouldn’t give many people my stuff, is that selfish? Nope. Is that toxic? Nope. It’s just that if, just if, I would maybe get back on the server someday, I’d love to have my stuff back. Thanks for bringing this up ;)
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  3. Ravenswood

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    that's just blatantly not true. I've never been banned in my life on ZC. I've played ZC for ab 7 years now and I was around when tenshi was being really toxic on the server. hence why she was banned, harassment has never been on my record or been brought up with my name in staff chat as far as I'm aware. And btw tenshi, as far as we're aware this is the only time anyone has reached out to you in many years. If that's not true please prove me wrong, I'd love to see the ss. Also I'm 16, not an adult. So cut the crap
  4. brassow2007

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    My error, must have you confused with someone else. Sorry!
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  5. Ravenswood

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    I didn't even know I was banned because i never logged in during the time. thank you for bringing this to my attention. I retract my statement
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