PrincessScissors' (Bell's) Zesty Mod Application

Discussion in 'Mod Applications' started by Princess Scissors, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Princess Scissors

    Princess Scissors Deku Scrub

    Your minecraft username: PrincessScissors

    Time Zone (GMT+?): GMT -6 (CST)

    Age: 20

    Why do you want to be a mod:
    I've wanted to be some form of staff on this server for a while now, but now I'm sure the mod role would suit what I'm interested in the most. This has been where I spend most of my time in minecraft for the last two years and this place is very precious to me. The previous Halloween event greatly inspired me to want to be on the staff team so that I may help do wonderful builds like that. I believe I have some decent skills when it comes to building. I'm full of ideas for how to improve and add to this server and would love to contribute to the future of Zeldacraft. The staff team is incredibly talented and I would absolutely love to work with you all. While I know that anyone can contribute to the builds, having the tools that the moderators are gifted with would greatly help me put out a larger quantity..
    As for why I'm applying for moderator and not just builder, I'm also quite passionate about preserving the amazing things the other players have done throughout survival. I've always liked to search RR and other places for griefs and it would be very handy if I could undo the ones I find myself rather than having to bug another mod to fix it. I like to be a mediating force among others and dislike when chat becomes toxic. In the past had to break up some conflicts to varying degrees of success when there were no mods present. It would be very nice for when the next time conflict arises, I can just handle things without having to cry to a moderator.
    I do also like helping players new and old and believe myself to be quite knowledgeable about this game and the server. Seeing new players transition to regular players fills me with so much joy, especially if I got to help them out when they were just starting out. I've made several great friends on here and I look forward to meeting even more players in the coming years.

    Do you have a good understanding of the commands a mod uses: I don't have any experience with moderator commands, but I am a very fast learner and am not afraid to ask questions.

    Will you be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy: I absolutely will, I'm very good at keeping a level head and always try to do the right thing

    1. Someone's house has been griefed, what do you do? A: I would tp to the player and ask questions about what is missing. I'd use /co inspect to find out who did it and when. Once I have the data I'd use /co rollback u:[username] t:[time] r:[radius] to undo the damage and ask the player to make sure nothing is still missing.
    Then I'd check with the other mods to see if the griefer has a history or if this is a first time offense. Assuming it's a first time happening this is what I'd do:

    1-10 blocks: If the player's online I'd give them a warning, if they're offline then I'd send them a mail with the warning and maybe remind them in private chat if I see them come back on just to make sure they've seen it
    11-50 blocks: I'd give them a similar warning but also jail them for a bit or perhaps give them a temp ban up to a day depending on what blocks they broke and where.
    51-100 blocks: I would make sure that the other mods knew about this and decide with them how long the ban should be depending on their history
    100+ blocks: This would have to be a longer temp ban or even a perm ban depending on the situation and their history.

    2. Some users are arguing, what do you do? A: It all depends on the severity and topic of the argument, but I would do my best to solve things if possible or give them a warning and ask them to move their argument to a private chat or stop it altogether. If they don't listen and continue I'll give them a mute. If it keeps escalating beyond that then I'd jail and mute them. If things keep being brought up afterwards I'll consult with the rest of the team to see if any temp bans need to happen.

    3. A user is hurling abusive language at you, what do you do? A: Firstly I'd give them a warning and remind them of the rules. If they continue and it isn't super extreme I'd mute them. If things persist afterwards I'd give them a temp ban of a day and let the other staff members know what happened.

    4. Someone enters another person's house without their permission, what do you do? A: First off I'd talk to the player and clarify if they were allowed where they are. If they aren't then I'd ask them to leave. If they don't then I'd jail them.
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  2. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    I've known you for quite a long while now, and I do know that you're both trustworthy and mature enough for those type of things. Your application is very nice and well organized too. My vote would be a yes, but there's one thing that made me change this to a maybe for the time being. That thing is how you disappeared some time ago for quite a while.
  3. Mac

    Mac Animu Chiald Staff Member

    Bell, I genuinely love you and I think you’d be great as a mod, but we have so much staff at the moment. I have to give you a no for now do to the amount staff we have currently, but I’d LOVE to see you apply when we are looking for more mods

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