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  1. Princess Lillian

    Princess Lillian Deku Scrub

    Good day,
    I am Princess Lillian. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I should've introduced myself how silly of me. I swear if my head weren't attached to me I'd lose that along with my manners. My ign is _B3N_DROWN3D_ and if I change it it'll be something like Princess Lillian in some shape or form. I hope to be friends with all of you if you'd allow me. ^^

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  2. DCaff95

    DCaff95 Triforce Disciple

    welcome! hope you have fun on the server, I'm sure everyone will be nice and friendly as long as you do the same.
  3. Princess Lillian

    Princess Lillian Deku Scrub

    Thank you so much. ^^
  4. MasterofZelda14

    MasterofZelda14 Hylian Knight

    Welcome, I too am pleased to make your acquaintance. My IGN is MasterofZelda, but you can call me Moz, for short. I'm not on a lot as of late but if you ever need help and I'm online, or offline, please don't hesitate to ask. I'd be happy to help.
  5. Blue_MoonWolf

    Blue_MoonWolf Hylian Hero

    You're just a little over a month late
  6. MasterofZelda14

    MasterofZelda14 Hylian Knight

    I realized this, but it's better late than never, right?
  7. Princess Lillian

    Princess Lillian Deku Scrub

    Right x3
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  8. Exo Warlock

    Exo Warlock King of Hyrule

    Hello there, fellow human being. I honestly haven't played MC in like, a year now, (Destiny has been my new addiction), but anywho..


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