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    Hello! As you may know, I'm Pirate, I've been playing on the server for 7 years (almost 8 at this point) and I feel that I would be a great addition to the team
    Age: 13 (14 in 3 weeks)
    Minecraft User: Pir_te
    Disc: Pirate#1179
    Time Zone: US EST, EDT (depends lol)
    Some Commands I know
    /co inspect (click a block to see the past edits)
    /co lookup (user) (time) (radius) (see the past actions in the area)
    /co rollback (user) (time) (radius)
    /ban (user) (reason) (self explanatory, permanent)
    /tempban (user) (time) (reason) (another self explanatory one, temporary for a set time limit)
    /unban (user) (reason) (unbans someone)
    /kick (user) (reason) (kicks user from the server)
    /jail (user) (jail) (time) (jails someone for a certain amount of time specified)
    /ipban (user) (time (if needed)) (ip bans)
    /mute (user) (time) (stops user from chatting for a set time)
    /vanish (invisible to svip and below)
    /invsee (user) (see specified user's inventory)
    /fly (self explanatory)
    /socialspy (see /msgs and /ws)
    Yes I will be calm, mature, and responsible.
    1. Someone's house has been griefed, what do you do?
    Firstly, I would use /co lookup or /co inspect to look who broke what block or stole from a chest and what items were stolen.
    From there I would use /co rollback with the correct user, time, and place.
    Then, I would punish the person accordingly
    (I'm just gonna use one of my previous app's punishments for this one, I think they're pretty fair)

    1-5 blocks: little to no valuable blocks: 5-minute jail time. Valuable Blocks: 20-minute jail time.
    6-10 blocks: little to no valuable blocks: 20-minute jail time. Valuable Blocks: 1-hour ban.
    11-20 blocks: little to no valuable blocks: 2 hours of jail time. Valuable Blocks: 15-day ban
    21-30: Little to no valuable blocks: 15-day ban. Valuable Blocks: 120-day ban.
    31-40: Little to no valuable blocks: 60-day ban. Valuable Blocks: 6-month ban.
    41-50: Little to no valuable blocks: 180-day ban. Valuable: 1-year ban.
    51-60: Little to no valuable blocks: 6-month ban. Valuable: 1.5-year ban
    61-70: Little to no valuable blocks: 8-month ban. Valuable: permban
    71-80: Little to no valuable blocks: 1-year ban. Valuable: permban
    81-90: Little to no valuable blocks: 1.25-year ban. Valuable: permban
    91+: Little to no valuable blocks: permban. Valuable: permban
    2. Some users are arguing, what do you do?
    First, I would defuse the situation the best I can, Depending on the situation I would respond with something similar to this "_____, ________, I understand you have conflicting opinions on this but sometimes you need to let things go. It's disrupting the general flow of chat" if it continues, I would ask them to move to a more private chat, like discord dms, and if that continues, I would mute them for 5 minutes.
    3. A user is hurling abusive language at you, what do you do?
    I'd try to defuse the situation like i do with arguments. "I get why you're mad I would be too, but I don't think yelling at me is going to help, I can help you outside of my mod permissions if you want."
    4. Someone enters another person's house without their permission, what do you do?
    First I would ask them to leave within 5 minutes, if they do not do so within that time limit, I would tp them out.
    If they reenter of have a home set, I would delete the home and/or tp them out.
    If they do so again, jail them for 10 minutes and wait it out, if any more concerns are raised I would keep jailing until they choose to give up on it.
    I understand some of these answers are mediocre but I feel that some experience will help in my future endeavors on the server.
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  2. greenleeuw

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    I am going straitgh to the answer. no
    even though you have been here a while(longer then some others) you are too young.
    We ask alot of maturity of the staff team and from experience we learned that people mature more when they are older.
    This answer is boosted by your ban history. we all grow up but 14 years old isn't exactly the "im mature and totally different now" kind of age.

    Also some nodes on this app.
    some commands are outdated(perhaps because the guide is a bid outdated too)
    your punishments on griefs seem a bid too harsh. 91 non valueable blocks can be 1 10x10 farm field of wheat they didn't replant.
    and if you find a grief its more likely for the griefer to not be online. so jailing someone for 5 minutes has no effects if they are asleep.

    when a user is hurling abusive langauage at you. you answer with "I get why you're mad I would be too" but what if they aren't mad for a reason. what if they in general hate staff members and take their frustration out on you?

    When someone enters another persons home. they have to leave imidiatly. giving them 5 more minutes is not needed. if they dont straight head for the exit you tp them

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