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Discussion in 'ZeldaCraft' started by TheJoeWizard, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. TheJoeWizard

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    Here's a wonderful example of what happens when people like Mergu and Epuc are allowed to roam free. I wonder how long it will take them to delete this post. So folks, be careful around those two. They will intentionally provoke you into reacting.

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  2. Kozuta

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    For a starter, we don't like to delete posts. We don't silence people like that. Not unless it's something downright necessary to delete. So that's an entirely baseless statement, thank you very much.

    For a continuation, what exactly is the point of this post? To me, it looks like you're trying to incriminate staff members for something that looks like just a bit of fun, to get a laugh. I have yet to see a complaint from Zazz, and on top of that they can very easily ask for it's removal.

    I understand you're upset and all, but it just seems like you're trying your hardest to make the staff look bad, as well as sending inflammatory messages that have, at the very least, resulted in a block from Mergu. Which I can't blame him for. Not quite sure what your goal here is.

    Honestly I try to give you the benefit of the doubt nine times out of ten, but this is just getting to a point that's both stale and laughable.

    That's my two cents. Good day.
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  3. Mergu

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    Don't let an owner roam free!
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  4. dearius

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  5. nasfi

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    I agree

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