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    So after my long hiatus I have returned to the server full time!~ Yay~ And based off of popular request here is my re-application!~
    Enjoy a copy and paste of my original app~


    /co help Displays the list of CoreProtect commands

    /co rollback Rolls back area to an early time. This command is made specific by using the following additions.

    u: (insert username here) This addition makes it so the only blocks removed were placed by the player inserted in the "insert username here" section.

    t: (insert time here) This addition makes it so the blocks are only rolled back to the specified time.

    r: (insert radius here) This addition makes it so blocks are only affected in the provided radius.

    a: (insert an action here) This addition makes it so rollback, rolls back stuff like dead mobs and items removed/added to containers. (There's a long list of these but I'm too lazy to type it out.)

    So combining these inserts with the original command would look something like this:

    /co rollback u:_Mactastic_ t:120h r:5 a:-container

    /co inspect Toggles the inspector, which you can use to check who placed the block and when it was placed, this command also uses some of the additions from /co rollback.

    /co lookup is used to look through the data of the blocks. This command uses a lot of the same additions as /co rollback.

    /co restore is used to undo rollbacks, this command also uses the same additions as /co rollback.

    /co purge t: (insert time here) Will delete all data within the inserted time, this is under the "NEVER USE THIS COMMAND" folder lmao.


    /mute (Username) (time) Mutes the inserted player for the inserted amount of time.

    /unmute (Username) Unmutes the inserted player, self-explanatory.

    /jail (Username) (time) Jails the inserted player for the inserted amount of time in a jail that is pre-set by admins.

    /unjail (Username) Unjails the inserted player.

    /kick (Username) (Reason) Kicks the inserted player from the server and shows them the reasoning. (Not gonna lie I've only seen this used for banter)

    /ban (Username) (Reason) Permanently bans the inserted player, this should only be used for EXTREME cases, the reason will be shown to the banned player.

    /unban (Username) Unbans the inserted player.

    /tempban (Username) (Time) (Reason) Temporarily bans the inserted player for the inserted amount of time, the reason will be shown to the banned player.

    /banip (IP/Username) Blocks the players IP so they can't get on the server using alternate accounts.

    /unbanip (IP/Username) Unblocks the players IP so they return to the server on all accounts.

    /banhistory (Username) Checks the players data to see if/how many times they've been banned.

    Other Fun Commands:

    /socialspy (on/off) Makes it so you can see private messages between other players.

    /invsee (Username) Makes it so you can see into the inserted players inventory.

    /fly Enables flight. Self-explanatory.

    /tpo (Username) Allows you to teleport to the inserted player without having to send a request.

    /tpo (Username#1) (Username#2) Teleports the inserted player to the other inserted player.

    /v Used for being a sneaky sneak. Players can't see you if you're invisible, good for checking on what suspicious players are doing, also great for being a troll.

    1. Well the first course of action is to teleport to the griefed player. Then using /co inspect I would check who placed/removed the griefed blocks. Using this information I would use /co rollback u: (the griefer's username) t: A few hours before the block data says it was placed just to be sure) r: (.A sizable radius depending on the grief) a: (-block /+block) this will rollback the grief done to the players house. The next course of action will be to decide on the punishment for the griefer. The punishment will be decided based on the severity of the grief. My general thoughts on punishment is, 1-10 blocks will get a warning and a jailing (about 5-10 minutes), 11-30 will get the player a tempban for a day or two and a serious back off warning, 31-49 will get the player a tempban of a business week along with a serious warning, 50-79 blocks will get the player week+ along with a final warning. Anything higher would be a straight up ban, I'm a builder at heart I know how infuriating it is for someone to destroy your hard work!

    2. If two players are arguing I would at first simply ask them what the reasoning behind it is, and try to help them solve it on the spot. If that doesn't work I'll threaten jail time, hoping that will shut them up, and if that doesn't work actually jail and mute them for 5-10 minutes so the players can calm down and rethink their actions. Once the players are out of the jail and they still continue fighting I would tempban them for a day, just let the heated players cool off some steam. If this continues after that and the arguments continue to get more heated I would bring it up to the rest of the staff, asking them for input and acting on that, which could lead to a longer tempban or a perm if it's bad enough.

    3. If a user uses abusive language towards me I would give them a strong warning not to do it again, and knowing me I'd rant on about emotions and how words affect people because I'm a total dork. If this continues I would mute and jail the player for 5-10 minutes so they can rethink what they have done. If the harsh language continues after that I would tempban them for a day and discuss the issue with fellow staff members and use their advice to make a decision that is as unbiased as I can make it.

    4. If a player enters another player's house, without permission I would kindly ask them to leave and to ask before they enter people's structures. If this happens again I would be sterner with my words and threaten a punishment. If this continuously happens I would jail the player for 5-10minutes as a warning proving that I'm not kidding around. If the player is still constantly going in homes I would tempban them for disrespecting me as a staff member and not listening to me when I ask them to do stuff.

    Much love from your friendly neighbourhood depressed flower child,
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  2. Kozuta

    Kozuta Simply Shameless Staff Member

    I'd say yes, personally. You were a good moderator before, you're a good person, and I think you'll do a good job
  3. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    I've worked with you when I also was a mod, you were a very good mod with great understanding of both commands, and knowing how to handle various situations. Normally I'd say yes, but I think I should say...

  4. Neemfy

    Neemfy Hylian Citizen Staff Member

    Yep from me
  5. DarkMarshal

    DarkMarshal Disneylandlord of your intellectual property Staff Member

    Even without an application, yes.
  6. greenleeuw

    greenleeuw Hylian Citizen Staff Member

    yes from me and welcome back
  7. Ichikuro

    Ichikuro Bow wow. I am dog. Staff Member

    Drat I missed this app...uhh you're mod already so yesss????
  8. Mac

    Mac Get Cut Bitch ~ Animu Child Staff Member

    Hmmmm I swear something like this already happened. *cough* Carl *cough*

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