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  1. nicklenock

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    Username: BurntIndigo

    Timezone: GMT -5

    Discord: Burnt Indigo#7539

    Age: 19

    Why do you want to be Mod?: I have come to feel like ZC’s a home away from home, and I want to help as many new players as possible share this feeling. Through ZC, I’ve made many friends of all kinds, and I take pride in having a good reputation with (seemingly) every player I’ve met. It’s because of these positive relations that I feel I’d be well suited for handling disputes between players, as well as why I would like to be someone who can settle any disputes. I hate to see the people that I’ve come to know as friends fight amongst themselves, so I’d like to have the authority to help them settle any disputes fairly.

    Understanding of Commands: Though I’ve never had to use them before, the listed /jail, /tempban, /ba,, and /co inspect commands all seem fairly straight forward (but to make sure I don’t eat my words, I’m going to write them down on a sticky note right now). If there are any additional non-listed commands, I’m ready to learn.

    Will you be responsible, mature, calm, and trustworthy?: Yes. I have no idea how else to answer this other than to say, if you know me, you know I’m serious when I say that.

    1. Someone’s house has been griefed:
      I would use CoreProtect to find who did the griefing, roll back the damage done by the griefer, then tempban, ban, or maybe just warn the griefer depending on the severity. In short, I’d find a griefer, and kick em.
    2. Two users are arguing:
      I would ask what the problem was, then (if the situation called for it), take each user aside to ask their side of the story, then verify each story if possible.
    3. User is hurling abusive language at you:I would attempt to calm the user down. If that doesn’t work, I would warn the player that extensive abusive language is a punishable offense, and that if they continue, I will be forced to take action. If the user still persists, I would then mute (provided that is something that can be done) or tempban the player depending on the severity of the language used.
    4. User enters someone else’s house w/o permission:
      Assuming the user’s presence is unwelcome, I would start by teleporting the user outside of the house. I would then ask that they return any items taken, and ask if they broke any blocks. I would then use CoreProtect to verify anything they told me. Once the situation was resolved, I would inform the 2nd user that, if they don’t want other players entering their home, they can place a sign on/around the door to keep other players from entering.
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    Solid mod app.

    Never saw any problems with you.

    Its gonna be a big yes from me
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