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Discussion in 'Advertising' started by Vashish Ramoutar, Feb 29, 2016.

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    Hi guys. I have a Facebook page that I'd like to expand and gather more fans. The purpose is to create a medium where people can interact more and actually discuss things pertaining to Zelda. With respect to likes, dislikes, theories, hypothetical situations and trying to create more interactive activities even though it's only web based. For example, if it grows, there can be quizzes made by members every Friday or specific activities on certain days. The reasoning behind the intent is due to the fact that updates and new releases of the Zelda universe are really amazing but somewhat slow. So creating this new medium so fans can constantly have a place to look forward for interesting Zelda content is the intent of this page but is only possible with a large fan base and likes. So please like share and tell me what you think. Below is a link to the page.

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