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    Ok this is my FINAL mod application. This will be THE BEST APPLICATION I CAN DO! Top notch. Ok?

    My Minecraft name: Linktheodore9
    Why do I want to become a mod: Well i've been working at this for a while. I've seen alot of people that are my friends become mods. And well I would like to help them and any other player as much as possable. I also know many commands. Some EVEN MODS dont have perms to, on this server that is.

    Do I have a good understanding of the commands a mod uses? Yes like I said befor I know comm that mods dont have perms to. So, yes, yes I do.ands

    Will I be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy? I will be responsible, calm, mature, and trusworthy as much as I much as I can. Also, a fun fact about me. I'm in karate and they do teach discipline as much as kicks, chops, and punches. So that helpes me even more.

    Main mod commands/questions.
    1. If someone has been griefed what do I do: Well, to start off the the players has ALREADY griefed the object, whatever it may be. I would tp to them ofcorse. To tp to a person type /tp (name) example /tp Derpkid003. Then I would to /co inspect example. This command is pretty strate fowerd so I dont thing I need an example for this one. Then I would to /co restore u: usersname t: time r: radius. Then I select a block from my inventory and right click my house on the block that has been griefed/ placed. while in co inspect I can see who griefed it, how long ago the grief was and what the block was that they toke away ( if they toke away a block). Then, I would tempban the person for 1-2 days. How do you tempban a person? Type /tempban U:username t:time W: why. If the person dose not have a history of griefing that I know of, but if there are aother mods online (witch there useually is) I would ask them if they know of the player and if that player has a history of griefing. If the person DOSE have a history of griefing then I would tempban them from 5-7 days. Now, if the person is griefing the house the moment I tp to the player. I would jail that person from 30 minutes- 2 hours. The reson I did 2 hours is because the person probly notised that there are mods on and probly just wanted to test he or shes luck. Witch I do not aprove. If I messed something up on this question please tell me. :D

    2. If some users are arguing what do I do: First I would tp to one of the users then I would msg all the people that are in the argument and asked "Whats going on? Why are you fighting?" When they tell me i'll try to solve it and hopefuly everyone can go home without an arrow to the knee. LOL! If I somehow made things worse I would jail and mute them for about 5 minutes so they can calm down. And ofcorse to not make them even more mader I would tell them why they're in jail like this "I'm only jailing you so you can calm down, your not in truble, Ok?" If they are STILL fighting after that (Witch they shouldn't) Then I would tempban them for 10 minutes. IF THEY ARE STILL FIGHTING FIRST OF ALL! IT'S A GAME! A GAMEEEEEEEEEE! IF IT'S SOMETHING IN REAL LIFE SKYPE ABOUT IT! Jezz. But anyway, I would tempban them for a day then they should be good, but if they are STILL FIGHTING! I would ban them because 1. If they're still fighting they're probly just trolling you. So thats just a wast of time. 2. They got some anger problums that I dont want to be a part of. and 3. It will get annoying by then, so I would just give up and ban them, AND OH YEAH BEFOR I FORGET! How do you ban a person you ask? Well is't pretty strate fowerd just so /ban U: username. Thats it.

    3. If a user is saying abuseive stuff to me what do I do: Well I've done this to gabocore once (Out of dumbness) and he muted me, so I would mute the person also, for about 3 minutes to make sure they cooled down. How do you temp. mute a person?....shoot I forgot exactly but I beleave it was /tempmute U: username t:time or you can just mute a person by doing /mute U:username.

    4. Someone enters a person's house what out permission, what do I do: Well how I would do it is first I would tp the person AWAY from the house or building whattevr it may be THEN I would jail them. Now think, why tp them away first??? Well.................When there jail time is up they get tped RIGHT BACK to the house! Smart huh? But if they go into the persons house AGAIN without there permission then I would tp them away again and ban them for 5h IF THEY STILL DO IT! I would to up to 24h A.K.A 1 day IF THEY ARE STILL DOING IT! I would ban them for a week IF THEY ARE STILL DOING IT! I would ban them for a mounth then if they do it one more stinking time YOU DONE DOPED! banned.

    Rules for Mods:
    1. Make sure you knwo the server rules.
    2. Be respectful to other players, dont bully/abuse them. and let me stop right here for a secend. Mak, I'm glad you have this as a rule because if you bully online thats called cyber bullying. And a person has hacked AND cyber bulled mitchells server once. but ofcorse the hacked was banned and I reported the hacked so. Just know if something liek that happens I WILL REPORT!
    3.Be Importial to players.
    4.Dont brake rules you are enforceing(THIS WOULD BE JUST STRATE UP DUMB! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT??)
    I put these rules uphere to show that I WILL fallow them :D

    General Conduct/How I will act to players:
    Well for starters I respect everyone that comes on ANY server that I play, I dont say what because thats rude, unless i'm annoyed of that person. I say Yes or "yeah?"
    Also it takes alot for me to get mad in a game. I dont like to be trolled but I can handle it.
    Also if I think someone needs to take a chil pill I would mute them and maybe jail them, depending on how mad they are.
    I only ban/tempban people as a last resort. mainly because I dont like the people not being able to come on. Because I think they should be able to come on freely, Unless it's a griefer/hacker. Then I just ban them.

    NOW! THE PART YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!!!!......Pretty much all the commands I know.
    //wand. How to do //wand is simple. FIrst do //wand if your inventory/hotbar isn't full it will come into your inventory/hotbar then u left click on 1 block and right click on another then you do //set (number/name of block) example //set grass and boom grass us set to that radius. There are more W.E commands but this is the only one i'm REALY good at.

    /toggledownfall. This command lets you turn off/ on the rain. Pretty simple.

    /tpall, tpo, tpa, and tp. tpall tps ALL players on the server acept you. If you want to annoy everyone, try doing this about 10 times/kick/kickall.

    /kick and kickall
    Kick is a command that kicks a player. Example, /kick U:username. /kickall kicks EVERYBODY accect you.

    /ban and tempban. These two are the BEST COMMAND IN MOJANG CREATION...besides kittyconnon....ANYWAY! /ban bans the player from the server forever and if you ban there IP if they make a new login they STILL cant come on to the server. :p Sucks for them.:D /tempban only banns a player for a amont of time i've already shown you how to do this but. Example, /tempban U: username t: time.

    Colers!!! Colers arent realy commands but. Example to change the coler of your words do &(number) example &1 this changes it to blue &2 green &3, you get it? also &n underlines and &l and &o changestheway your letters look A.K.A Font. There are diferent colers and shads of colers for deferent numbers and letters, not all, only certen letters.

    /ignore, mute. /ignore dosen't mute the person, but you can no longer see what they are saying, you can undo the ignore block by doing /ignore again, this command is pretty useful. /mute mutes a person so they can no longer talk.

    /broadcast This is a command that lets everybody know whatever you have said

    /say This is the command that the consol users to tell us when the server is about to restart. YEAH THIS IS THE ONE! START YOUR RANTING.....NOW.

    Well thats it on my part:) Thanks for reading guys! STAY DERPEH! :D
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    App Vote: Maybe
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    :D Thanks guys.
    even though it's a maybe
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    Thanks Moveit, that means alot comeing from you. :D
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    App vote:Yes
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    Thanks Bug. :D
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    App vote: Iwata's Body is ready. Reggie's Body is Ready. linktheodore9's body is ready. My waffles are ready to be eaten
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    Um.... Is that a yes or no? I'm guessing Yes :D
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    App Vote: Yes.
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    Thnaks gutt
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    kittycannon wasnt made by Mojang... by bukkit plugginer... SOMETHIN!
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    Btw, how did you know this? Video
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    So far so good :D
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    App Vote: NO

    It's a small "no". I don't think you deserve a "no" but i still think you are far from the "yes". Sorry

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