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Discussion in 'Advertising' started by Jonathan, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. Jonathan

    Jonathan Deku Scrub

  2. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    Nobody here likes fanfiction unless they wrote it.
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  3. LunaEostre

    LunaEostre Fated Forerunner

    Not all fanfics are bad..
  4. Linked Dimentio

    Linked Dimentio The Vanguard

    Most are bad
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  5. Benjehamaus

    Benjehamaus The Hero of Legend

    This is one of those times.
  6. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

  7. Doodle1949

    Doodle1949 King of Hyrule

    Oh great, now I can release all my perverted thoughts on the internet...
  8. Sentinel_Baker!

    Sentinel_Baker! The Gambler.

    It's not that most fan fiction is bad, you've just been looking in the wrong places ;)

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