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    It’s been a year since my ban from ZeldaCraft’s Discord for toxicity. I would have made a ban
    appeal sooner but it turned out a lot of my interest wasn’t as much about the game and server but
    more of an obsession over discourse that was the result of an extreme retaliation. I won’t bring up
    past drama anymore though, because I wasn’t prepared. I started playing the server alot while I
    was clearly unwell and it had a big impact on how well I got along with or tried to stay neutral
    with players. I was generally moody and not tolerant at all, and the things I said were not okay,
    and it wasn’t until a few weeks even after my ban that I realized that it wasn’t a matter of what I
    was saying but more of how I was acting out on people. It wasn’t because I “just had an opinion”
    but because I was pursuing people over it. I’d say over that time I’ve mastered the art of keeping
    things to myself and not blurting out, and restraining myself from other acts of aggression, and so
    this appeal to my ban will be an example of those skills by restraining from making any excuses
    at all (I couldn’t really make a ban appeal before that sounded meaningful in any way because
    they weren’t apologies, they ended up being excuses and empty apologies, and so I think this
    might be the best course of action). Most of the people I hurt I were also friends with, or am still
    friends with, and so I ended up regretting a lot of it.
    PS I also wanted to admit I showed a lot of bad behavior to Ichikuro afterwards who probably
    wasn’t even the one who banned me, I promise I have no hard feelings and I was being
    completely pretentious and immature with no real goal behind it other than to take out my
    frustration on someone.
    My Discord is @SinisterPatches#6925
  2. GrayPsi

    GrayPsi Hylian Citizen

    I'm so sorry I can't keep lying like this :p
    I'm putting my thoughts together right now so hear me out please, whenever it might be, come what may.

    I have stuff I need to get off of my chest.
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