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Discussion in 'ZeldaCraft Reports & Ban Appeals' started by TheJoeWizard, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. TheJoeWizard

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    My IGN is DarkLinkArisen
    My discord username is DarkLinkArisen#7821
    I was banned early this year, for "Breaking the last straw in a series of many straws."
    Here's everything I've got to say, and I'd appreciate it greatly if you read it.

    It's been a small stretch of time, roughly a month and a half I think? Sorry if that's not right, I'm not doing so well with keeping track of it currently. Anyways, back to why I'm making this post:

    I'm making another ban appeal, and it's due to a few reasons. I've decided to try and make up with everyone the best I could, and I'm rather damn confident that I've made some good friends out of people that I lost touch with. Alot of these friends came from ZC, and I've realised I'd like to come back to continue to make friends like these. I want to continue to make memories. I'd like to touch on some of the things that got me banned, such as being a general source of pain and problems. I was constantly rude to multiple community members and staff members, I was very rude when it came to talking to others and, as I was told, "You did swear a lot, try to cut back on it." Which I have done my best to do. I've had legitimate counselling since then and I have cut back on the swearing and I've become far less irritating, or I believe so. I'd like to have a chance to come back to ZC, to be able to prove that I'm a different person and that I can be a far better person to be around than I was before. I understand I was extremely rude during the situation I caused in March, and I'd like to apologize again for that. It's been over half a year and I'd like to have one more shot, so I'd like to hear what the staff have to say. I appreciate you for reading this, and I hope everyone has a good day. (Or morning, or night, whatever time it is for you.)
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    After some discussion in the staff-chat, the voting ended with a no. Thank you for the appeal
  3. TheJoeWizard

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    Alrighty, ty

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