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    A preface: one of these two builds aren't finished, i am applying bc Ghanti and DarkLinkArisen Pressured me to since they claim my Wips are better than their Applications

    -I am Lyc4n_Studios, I am 16, I live in the Eastern United States, in the Eastern Time Zone
    -I have been on ZC since August 1st, 2017
    -I have built privately for a while, but all my previous builds were destroyed on my old computer, the builds i will submit
    are all on ZC and i can give you an in game Tour!
    -I have used World Edit plenty of times on an old server, now dead unfortunately, called Firecraft (, but never
    heard of VoxelSniper
    -I have played all games except Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, Minish Cap, Oracle of Ages, and the Hyrule Warriors games.
    though I've watched playthroughs of all but Minish Cap.
    -Im looking to contribute my eye for detail and many builds to the server, as well as to be a help to builders carrying out
    large tasks that need people to help, because a big solo project is draining and not fun.
    -Photos; note: a lot of them were too large to upload especially those of my best build, the shrine of resurrection in 1:1 accuracy, so please see me for a tour!)

    Thank you for your consideration of this Protogen's Application and reading this

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  2. Lyc4n_Studios

    Lyc4n_Studios Deku Scrub

    Here are the coords of the builds:
    Shrine of Resurrection: dungeonvip X: -1415 Y: 94 Z: 2529

    My WIP Decayed-Hive-Lab Base: S2 X: 10,391 Y: 63 Z: 12,325

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