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How should the game be developed?

  1. RPG Maker

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  2. Game Maker

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  3. From the Ground Up! (no specific software)

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  1. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    I'm looking for Programmers, Song Writers, Animators, Artists, Voice Actors, and alike.... If you have a talent that you want to use into making a game, but aren't confident in college or just ability to get hired then you should sign up for team core.

    Since 7th grade I've had this idea for a game where the player is in a mid-eval yet very modern world. A world where houses have refrigerators, and there are giant robot enemies... but also a world where Its ruled by a monarch, most people fight with swords, and Its believed that you can still be in contact with the gods of the world. That, alone, is a very bare-bones idea and arguably not even that intriguing. But that's why I began sketching out my ideas as opposed to In-class work back then. I came up with a slightly better plot... that shan't be spoiled for those not wishing to join the team :)

    We're calling this game "Hero's Quest", a very much In Development name... obviously- and you might recognize this name from elsewhere. On my server, NintendoCraft, we had an adventure map that had the same name. This is, in fact, that same adventure map, but now we've decided to make it into a real game. I will explain more details about the project to anyone whom we accept into the team. Even though basically the whole plot-line is finished, It will need polish.

    A plot-line isn't enough to make a game either. We need all of the previously mentioned (perhaps without voice acting- its undecided). If you think you're good enough to join us, then let me know!

    Keep in Mind for most of the positions if there is already one person in that group it doesn't have to mean they will be the ONLY one

    Executive Director
    : Gabriel McDowell
    Programmers: Andrew Fisher
    Boss Music Composers: BlaBlaBloid (Name? Lol), Brandon Jordan
    Fanfare Music Composers: BlablaBlod
    Region Music: Brandon Jordan
    Advertisements: Antonio Gamez
    Cut-Scene Directors
    Voice Actors: Gabriel McDowell
    Play Testers:
    Backers (Comming Soon)
    Sprite Animators:
    Character Designs:
    Concept Artists: BlaBlaBloid
    Region Designers:
    Dungeon Designers:
    Item Designers:

    Oh and If you're wondering, we're taking notes from several games including Undertale, Zelda, Xenoblade, Kid Icarus Uprising, and even A bit of Fire Emblem. As of this post we're not sure how we're going to develop the game either, so If you would be so kind as to make a legitimate vote in the poll above, then thanks!
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  2. DCaff95

    DCaff95 Triforce Disciple

    what programming language are you guys using or any game dev tools? pretty busy with college or I'd be making my own game! but Wouldn't mind casually helping out now and then with concept art, play testing or the like
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  3. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    thats what we're trying to decide. Building from the ground up would mean we'd need a LOT more people and tbh it'd be a lot more unneccisairy work. Game Maker would probably be most ideal as we don't have to stick with the lame and overused turn-based fighting style- we could be creative. But RPG maker does exactly the opposite as far as I'm aware. I personally want to use game maker but its mainly what people are willing to work with.
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  4. Mergu

    Mergu Normie Staff Member

    It's painfully obvious when someone uses Game Maker or RPG maker.

    Build it from the ground up, learn a language. Have fun. My first game I built was Battleship in java with my own coded artificial intelligence, and today I've gotten into bit shifts, vector positioning, and all sorts of techniques to pump something out on the likes of Minecraft.

    Don't expect your first game(s) to receive any sort of recognition. Spend your time learning, not dragging and dropping blocks onto a template like in those Makers.
  5. DCaff95

    DCaff95 Triforce Disciple

    Yea in fairness first games are always gonna be just awful, but fun learning experiences, we could get some people together and make a point and click or small rpg inspired by zeldacraft and its users?
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  6. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    Hey now, RPG Maker and Game Maker can make some pretty good shit.
    Undertale was made was Game Maker, for example. And LISA: The Painful and LISA: The Joyful were made in RPG maker. Using a maker is easier and faster than learning a language. However, you are right when you say that makers can be limited compared to writing from scratch.

    I'm more leaning towards a turn based rpg, but hey, it's your game. Can you think of a game you want you battle system to be similar to?
  7. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    I have ideas for the combat but getting it to be something entirely unique isn't probably going to happen. For instance, I have an idea where you can go into battle and depending on how your character "feels" when he goes into battle can change the way the battle plays-out (i.e. if hes a few levels above the enemy then he may go into the battle feeling confident which will give him a + SPEED ++ FOCUS but - DEFENCE, or he could go in Enraged Which Will do ++ ATTACK, ++ SPEED, + Focus, - Defence and - Spells) I would love to use a real coding source, but again I only know so many people who knows programming, and we gotta work with what we got.
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  8. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    If there are different characters in the game, I had an idea for a mechanic thats kind of related to these feelings. Battle music can make different characters feel different moods (fast guitars pumping you up, that sort of thing)
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  9. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    sorry if it sounds like i recorded this on potato but my recording software is being a dong

    that's my idea of a happy little winning/XP gain/level up theme, or at least the melody. I was thinking it could be clean guitar with no real effects, and it doesn't really need a drum beat in the background.
    note: because i had to record this through a shitty computer mic it sounds like a banjo
    try to ignore that lol
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  10. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    The closest thing I can think of for an ideal battle system is probably the original Xenoblade Chronicles. I love that game's battle system but again I don't want to entirely rip it off
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  11. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    *double post oh well*
    It sounds like a nice little jingle, maybe add a little more... hype to it? I dunno lol
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  12. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    i was kinda thinking it would be similar to place of this jingle in earthbound:
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  13. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    here's the thing tho in earthbound you level up fairly often... in my game I want it to be something you truly have to work for. In real life, you don't just walk-outside and play with your dog then go take on the mafia, yet In Earthbound you (not really but) pretty much do that. If you want to be able to fight the final boss in the game, you're going to actually train to become powerful, unlike your older brother, you're a meekly civilian who at first barley knows how to hold a sword.
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  14. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    What I'm saying here is that the earthbound jingle is fairly simplistic because it doesn't need to be anything great, you hear it often enough and then get back into buisness, and tbh by the end of the game I got a little sick of the same jingle. Suggestion to you, @BlaBlaBloid , maybe compose Multiple themes that increase as you get even stronger?
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  15. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    that kind of sounds like you're going to make the game really grindy, is there any way we can do this without making a huge grind?
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  16. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    Oh, definitly thats not how I meant it. Side Quests, locating secret areas etc will boost your XP greatly, but I also don't want to make it where you can Undertale it and not kill anyone... then again maybe we should do an alternate final boss or something?? That's something I'd rather discuss in a group chat with the other team members.
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  17. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    dumping concept art while im still here

    my idea for a kind of disposable robot grunt


    I was thinking that this guy could be the final form of the leader of the electroids. Maybe i overdesigned him a little?
    Possible Names:
    Supreme Omegalord Palladium
    General TOR
    Commander Tungsten
    Supreme Emperor Mogulus
    Model ZERO
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  18. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

    Hey Nin, I took your destron design and changed it a little. What do you think?
    (Also, destron is such an assholethat he puts spoilers on his cape in binary)
  19. theNintengeek

    theNintengeek Sir Surge

    TBH destron is kind of a sassy dickhat. I like the design a lot! Think you can do a design for the Main Character Next? I'm currious what you think he looks like based on what I've told you.
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  20. BlaBlaBloid The Fifth

    BlaBlaBloid The Fifth Hylian Hero

    so here's a small Destron sprite I've been working on. It's still pretty bad and very unfinished.
    EDIT: well fuck me looks like it may not get finished cause the program i was working on it in just crashed and i didn't save
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