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    The names Linebeck, I'm a real man of the sea. Impressive right? Do me a favor, listen to this while you read the rest of my breathtaking introduction that may give you a smile.

    Anyways let me get to the point, I am introducing myself in case you didn't know. I the prominent Linebeck am the most courageous person you will ever meet, that is a fact. I hold more courage in my left pinky toe than Link does with his lame piece of triangle he calls the "tri-horse." Whatever that is, it does not look like a horse to me.

    So here is a lists of my talents and some information about myself:

    1. I can run with a injured ankle.
    2. I gather all my sea charts by myself, but recently I let my cabin boy collect my maps even though I do know where I am going.
    3. I have a really majestic mustache.
    4. My boat can jump on my command.
    5. I have stolen from a pirate... not too many people can say that in their life.
    6. I make my cabin boy map out my quests.
    7. My ego is slightly bigger than King Zora's lazy bum.
    8. My great grandson has a really fancy hat.
    9. I've defeated a giant squid single handedly.
    10. I've gotten girls chasing me all the time.
    11. If you were to show a picture of me to a girl, that would be more effective than any pick up line you've got behind your belt, I can guarantee you that.
    12. I always make dramatic entries.
    13. I have a lot of Rupees in my piggy bank.
    14. My steam boat is named after the famous "me", Linebeck.
    15. I am very good at hiding in a crate if I must. But that isn't my only talent.

    Well after these remarkable talents and info, there is no doubt in my mind that the community will indeed accept me as the Captain! If you happen to disagree with me or not believe I am this amazing. I think you need to rethink your concerns and go back to your forest friends my fellow Deku!


    The Greatest man whoever Sailed the Sea

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    Don't worry, I banned the guy.
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    Thank you.

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