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Discussion in 'Trusted User Applications' started by Liam_ AKA_ townetwins, Jul 8, 2018.

  1. Hello, My name is Liam my screen name on ZC is townetwins.
    I want to be trusted on Zelda Craft. I belive I should be trusted since I will help people and show them how to play onthis server, I am trying to help out ZC as much as I can so that's why i will be going for builder after I get trusted, and from now on i will stay as active as i can on ZC.
    I will show people around ZC. I will show people how the mechanics work since they are a bit complicated especially the classes and all the commands. I know how to show them since I've been active for four years on the server. I will also show them around where to go for survival and where to get materials and essentials.
    I will going for builder after i get trusted. I want to get builder to help out the server as much as I can since i love the community and want to give back to the people who have helped me over the years.
    I have been very inactive on the MC server but I am very active on the discord server. I wil do my best to be active on the MC server from now one and i will still be active one the discord server, screen name, Mr.NoOneCares.
    Thank you for this sppourtounity to be part of your community, Liam:l-lol:
  2. Mergu

    Mergu Normie Staff Member

    My vote's a yes unless anyone objects
  3. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    Well, the day you came online (8th Jully) you asked us to transport your house from the reset, which the reset was about 6 months ago, it's been a really long while since I saw you on last time, the last time I clearly remember you being on is like right before/after the reset. You've been very inactive this time, I'd suggest spending a bit more time online, and then applying again after a while. Also you randomly told 3 people to "fuck off" for no reason at all.

    App vote: No
  4. TravisTouchdown

    TravisTouchdown Dori-Kin Staff Member

    Gonna say no too, because of previous encounters I had with you in the past.
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  5. Kozuta

    Kozuta Simply Shameless Staff Member

    I'm going to have to go with a no as well. Since I've seen some of the troublesome moments of you towards Travis, I can agree that it's enough to deny this.
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  6. Mergu

    Mergu Normie Staff Member

    my vote has obviously changed to banana

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