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Discussion in 'Mod Applications' started by Lazzie, Aug 10, 2019.

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  1. Lazzie

    Lazzie Deku Scrub Staff Member

    Hi I just thought I'd redo my app, it's probably just gonna be identical to the last one but meh

    Your minecraft username: Lazzie

    Time Zone (GMT+?): CEST (+1)

    Age: 16

    Why do you want to be a mod:
    Because the server has a fantastic community and I always feel welcome when I log on and I want others to be able to get the same experience that I've had playing on the server. I feel like I'm pretty active and I try to help people whenever I can. Being a mod also does mean that not only may I be of further assistance to others who need help, the rank alone carries weight and respect. I believe that a mods presence also makes people more inclined to ask for help. Furthermore, I think I'm pretty decent at connecting with people.

    Do you have a good understanding of the commands a mod uses:
    Yes, I have experience as staff and know the commands used.

    Allows you to see other players' /msg

    /jail [x]
    Speaks for itself, puts a player in jail for x amount of time

    /kick [y]
    Kicks a player for y reason

    /tempban [x] [y]
    Temporarily bans a player for x amount of time for y reason.

    /ban [y]
    Permanentely bans a player for y reason. Only in extreme cases

    Permanentely bans an IP, useful if a banned player has multiple accounts and/or trolling accounts

    Removes a perma-ban

    Silences a player by blocking their chat messages. Useful for spammers who won't stop after warnings.

    Core Protect
    /co inspect (or /co i)
    Turns on inspection mode and allows you to see who interacted with a block and when

    /co rollback
    [timeframe] [radius] [action] [block(s)] [exclude] User is obvious, so is timeframe. Radius is the radius around the user lf the command, or it can be an entire world. Action is the action you want to rollback, blocks placed/destroyed, items taken, etc. Blocks is the ID of the blocks or items to be recovered. Exclude is the certain items that you wish to not reroll.

    /co restore
    Just undoes a rollback

    /co near
    Inspects all blocks in a 5 block radius
  2. Lazzie

    Lazzie Deku Scrub Staff Member

    Will you be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy:
    I believe I am a pretty chill dude in nature and I do believe I'm pretty mature.

    And answer these questions:
    1. Someone's house has been griefed, what do you do?
    1. Use /co inspect to find out who did the actual griefing and what the damages are.
    2. Undo the damages using /co rollback
    3. If the griefer is online, I will confront them about what they have done and if they are nice about it and give back potentially stolen items, I'd let them off with a stern warning (assuming the griefing wasn't that bad). If they've ruined an entire house I'd probably tempban them for a while. I have learned that permabans are rarely required, but if the griefer, after his 1 hour-2 month ban time (Obviously the amount of griefing is needed to be taken into consideration) griefs again, I'd probably permaban them.

    2. Some users are arguing, what do you do?
    If it's an argument/debate and they're not fighting, but actually just discussing, I think I'd let it go, or ask that they use /msg so that they don't clutter up the chat. If they're going at eachothers throats I'd try to defuse the situation, solve it if I can. If not, maybe a 1-5 minute mute/jail will do it. If they keep going at it after that, a longer mute/jail would follow.

    3. A user is hurling abusive language at you, what do you do? I couldn't care less. I will however for the sake of the other people online mute or jail them for a little while. They may just be having a bad day but if they're REALLY aggressive a kick or a longer mute should do the trick.

    4. Someone enters another person's house without their permission, what do you do?
    TP the intruder out and warn them about not doing this again as they did not have permission. I'd tell the house-owner to make sure he has locked his doors and if the offender repeats his crimes I'd jail them for a period of time


    1-9 blocks This isn't really all that much but it's griefing none the less. A warning is likely sufficient. Or maybe an 1 or 2 hours jail, depending on what the blocks destroyed were.

    10-20 If it was low profile blocks like cobble or wood they'd be let off with a strict warning but for f.ex. anvils and enchantment tables I'd give them some hours in jail.

    21-40 This is quite alot of damage to f. ex. a house so maybe a tempban for something between a day or two, depending on the blocks.

    41-60 Lots of damage and I'd give them 1 day-1 week tempban, as always depending on the blocks broken.

    61-80 House is sufficiently ruined for between 1 week and 2 weeks tempban.

    81-100 What a guy. Tempban for up to a month.

    100+ Permaban or if its like dirt and cobble a 2 month ban.
  3. ayden425

    ayden425 @TheMelonGod

    I'm gonna give this the big yes

    This app was honestly pretty great. I've seen you in the server and been around you quite a bit and you seem to be a pretty nice guy. Helpful, active, chill, and just fun :].

    That being said I have a qualm or two. Your punishment scale seems a bit harsh. I do like that you resorted to warnings at the beginning before having any actual punishments, that's nice (As long as they're very low, mind you). But 100+ an immediate perm? or 2 months for 100+ dirt and cobble? I understand the situation always depends on a lot of variables: who the person is, what they griefed, how long they've been online, whether it's their first offense, etc. but very seldom should you ban 2 months for dirt and cobble, very seldom should you ban for 2 months, really. I mean, should you get mod you'd be expected to talk it over with the staff either before or after the fact, and we can all come to an agreement then, so don't stress over this too much, but just remember that 9 times outta 10 we generally want to keep players online (We probably don't if they very first joined and immediately griefed, or they have a recurring pattern of griefing, or other toxic attitudes).

    Also, for your commands you never put you had to slap the username in :p. It's not an issue, and I'm sure you know that you gotta use the username, but I figured I'd point it out to you haha.

    Keep in mind that as I'm writing this I'm on the fence a little bit. Not because of the punishments, but just because I'm a wee bit unsure, though leaning far towards yes. My advice to you would just to be a tad more convincing to secure my vote until you either get mod, or get rejected.

    One again, as of now I give is a
    yes and I think you'd do nicely as a staff member.
  4. greenleeuw

    greenleeuw Hylian Citizen Staff Member

    solid app i have also heard nothing bad about you
    so im leading towards a yes i unlike ayden found ur app convincing enough
    Thanks for applying
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2019
  5. Neemfy

    Neemfy Hylian Citizen Staff Member

    Gonna give a yes as you are mature, active, and are not a frequent rule breaker.
  6. Lazzie

    Lazzie Deku Scrub Staff Member

    A response to Ayden:

    I realize that 100+ cobble / dirt may seem harsh but it's 100+. It could be anything in that scale. As far as I see it, that could be a mob grinder or a farm, which would cost the offended time, effort and rescources. As you also pointed out, 100+ of random blocks for a permaban may be a bit harsh, but I'd also keep in mind if this was this players first offense (which, if they're griefing on this scale, probably isn't (and there's also the rule quiz when players first log on)

    The lack of usernames was intentional, I thought it was obvious enough
  7. Ichikuro

    Ichikuro Bow wow. I am dog. Staff Member

    I'm going to say yes

    Overall, the app is detailed, and structured well. The punishments seem alright to me. Personally I rarely ban for 1 month unless it's something that is bad enough for an extended leave, but not for a perm ban.

    As I said though, I like everything else. So...yes!
  8. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    I'm gonna give the

    The punishments seem also alright to me. Yes, if it's an 100 blocks overall from different houses (like 3 blocks per house), then yes it's not worth a perm. But if it's for example a single target with 100+ blocks, then I personally would perm too. As you've said, given that when they firstly log in first thing they see is that griefing is not at all tolerated, then it's pretty obvious that if they ignore it they'll get a punishment for it. Also from my knowledge there's staff that perm people for less than 100+ blocks. There are a lot things to take into consideration, such as how many offenses the playerh as, how recently they joined, what the value of said blocks is. It's all stuff that usually falls into place as the time passes by.

    Anyways, I think my answer is obvious from the video above, I wanted to respond with a quote from your idol ;)
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  9. Lazzie

    Lazzie Deku Scrub Staff Member

    He's more than just an idol <3
  10. TravisTouchdown

    TravisTouchdown Dori-Kin Staff Member

    This is legit one of the best apps I've seen, BIG YES from me
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