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Discussion in 'Mod Applications' started by Taru, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Taru

    Taru Deku Scrub

    My ingame name is Kibouo, I have been on the server for a few years mostly using other account. (Thundertje, LadyChennoa)

    My time zone is (GMT+1).
    My Discord name is Taruzahat and my tag is #1992.

    I'm currently 14, I may be young but I'm not that dumb as you might think.

    I want to be a mod to help other people and solve problems between users, to keep the server fun.
    I'm pretty sure that I understand the commands.


    /jail: to make a player "cool down".
    use: /jail [player] jail [time, in seconds]

    /unjail: release player out of jail.
    use: /unjail


    /tempban: for temporary ban, from griefing or repeatedly breaking a rule/rules.
    use: /tempban [player] [time, in seconds]

    /ban: perm. ban for if a player keeps on breaking multiple rules.
    use: /ban [player]

    Grief fixing:

    /co inspect: for inspecting history of a block/empty place.
    use: you have to click on a block for info. For an empty space's info you need to place a block there.

    /co rollback: for rolling back what a player did.
    use: /co rollback u:[username] t:[time, in seconds] r:[radius]
    Radius should be pretty small from 10-20 not to rollback things that shoudn't be rolled back.

    I will try my best to be responsible, ill keep myself as calm as I can and I will act mature.
    You can trust me.

    If someone's house has been griefed I would check who did it with /co inspect then I would give the griefer a tempban. of 2.5 months. And when he's banned then I'll rollback the grief. (using /co rollback)

    If some users are arguing, then I'll try to find out why. After that I would look at there arguments to look who's right and hopefully fix the issue like that.
    But if for example they are arguing BC. One of them griefed or did something wrong I'll fix it and give the person who did something wrong, like break a rule temp ban of 2.5 months.

    If a user would be insulting me then I would give them an hour of jail. If they still are insulting me I would give them a temp ban of 3 weeks, if they still are insulting me after that I will ban them for a year and if after that ban they still are insulting me I would just perm. Ban them.

    Say that they should not do that and give them some jail time and fix any damage if there is any.
    If he/she does it again I'll start temp banning and if they still do it after atleast 3 temp bans I would give them a 1 year temp ban.

    Hope I'll be keeping peace soon on the server. =)
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  2. Coolio723

    Coolio723 Hylian Hero Staff Member

    2.5 months for what? Breaking 2 wood? Breaking down an entire city? May be a bit useful if you provided us with a punishment chart (eg. 1-10 blocks - mail/verbal warning)

    Once again, very very harsh punishments/no fluctuation given based upon offense. Also I don't recommend instantly jailing someone for insulting you, seems a bit harsh. Instead, you could talk to them and try and get them to stop, jailing also doesn't prevent people from talking so in this case a mute would be more ideal.

    Overall, harsh punishments and lack of command knowledge shown. Going to have to give a no. Stick around, try again down the road with more detail, and maybe your chances will increase.
  3. Mergu

    Mergu Drowning Staff Member

    No from me. I don't recognize your username, which is a basic necessity for all staff here
  4. Mac

    Mac Animu Chiald

    Sorry, but like Jay said, I haven’t heard of you before. Moderators are server leaders and are supposed to be out there and known by many.
    I suggest you take some time to get to know more people, put yourself out there!

    Additionally, like Cow said, your punishments seem WAY too hard. I suggest you read some older mod apps to get an average of what we believe to be a decent amount of time.
    Here’s some examples:

    Keep on keeping on! Don’t be afraid to get involved and apply again in the future~
  5. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    Hello Taru. I've known you for quite a long while. Known you since you firstly joined the server under the name of Thundertje. You're a good person and haven't really caused trouble.

    Sadly, your application is lacking important details. In fact, you're only covering the three most basic things (ban, jail, and CoreProtect). There's so much more commands a mod can use and should know.

    Your questions are very lacking detail-wise, and most of them are very unclear. Give them two and a half months tempban regardless the grief damage?

    I think it's a bit unfair for this damage to get the same punishment length
    as someone griefing something like this

    Overall your app, although good structure basis, very lacking. Punishments way too harsh. Sadly it's going to be a no from me for now. Keep being active so others get to know you as well, take a look in other people's mod apps to get a general idea, and you can also ask mods regarding mod questions that you may have.

    Thank you for applying
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