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Discussion in 'Mod Applications' started by Jonathan, Mar 14, 2014.

  1. Jonathan

    Jonathan Deku Scrub

    Why do you want to be a mod?

    I want to become a mod because I had a house in Survival 1 of ZeldaCraft for a while and it was griefed before I gave up and moved to Survival 2. I felt angry and upset that the people who griefed us had no Care for who lived there, and I've seen it time and time. People grief, get caught, apologize and do it all over again the moment they're freed. They probably didn't even bother to read the rules, or maybe they simply lack the common courtesy to not destroy what does not belong to them. I want to stop this and help griefed people restore their homes.

    I have also seen a bit of bullying. Most of it is just for fun, but sometimes, it gets out of hand. The same can be said about cursing. A bit here and there never killed anyone, but once someone begins to throw around racist slurs and such, something needs to be done. I haven't yet seen anything like this happen, but I'm sure it has happened in the past.

    Do you have a good understanding of the commands a mod uses?

    I do have a good understanding of the commands. To jail someone, I would type /jail [username] prison [time] and time is in seconds. I would probably start by jailing someone for 5 minutes (300 seconds), and then maybe go to 10 minutes (600 seconds) for minor offenses. To un-jail someone, it would be /unjail [username].

    For greater offenses such as major griefing, I would temporarily ban them using /tempban [username] [time] and time is also in seconds. This also applies to repeat offenders who refuse to learn their lesson. I seriously hope I never have to permanently ban someone, but if they grief over 100 blocks, I'd type /ban [username]. To unban someone, I would type /unban [username].

    In order to undo griefing, I would first tpa to the person and ask them if they know or saw who did it. If they have no idea, and even if they do, I would start by typing /co inspect. I would then place a block on the area, and it should tell me who broke it and when. I would then type /co rollback u:[username] t:[time] r:[radius]. The time will be written as 3h meaning 3 hours and the radius is in blocks from where I'm standing.

    Other commands include /co restore u:[name] t:[time]: r:[radius] if I mess up the rollback, /socialspy to read messages sent between players, /invsee [name] to check the inventory of a play who may have taken a weapon or has a hacked one, and /fly to fly.

    Will you be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy?

    Yes, I will. I have a lot of experience with Foolish little kids because I have lived all my life with Four younger Siblings Even in the face of sass and disrespect, I refrain from yelling or losing my patience. I am also trustworthy. I know quite a few people on the server, and I can say will almost 100% certainty, that they can vouch for me. They are dittostately1999, jwg_josh,hazzabot360,Lavender_Purple,DarkMarshall,thee_sniper,And Possibly Tephano and AnonymosBub.

    1. Someone's house has been griefed, what do you do?

    I would tp with /tp [username] to them and ask if they know who did it. I would then type /co inspect, place a block in a griefed area to see who broke it, and type /co rollback u:[username] t:[time] r:[radius] to fix it. If they are on the server at the time, I will ask them to fess up and not grief again. If it is a very small offense, I will let them off with a warning and tell them to read the rules. If it is a larger offence or a repeat offence, I will either jail the person or temporarily ban them.

    Also I figured I should Add this:​

    10 - 20 blocks = 1 day tempban​
    21 - 40 blocks = 2 day tempban​
    41 - 60 blocks = 3 day tempban​
    61 - 80 blocks = 4 day tempban​
    81 - 99 blocks = 5 day tempban​
    100+ blocks = permanent ban​
    2. Some users are arguing, what do you do?

    I would ask them to calm down, but if they continue to annoy people, I will either mute them or kick them just to show that I meanbusiness. To mute, I would type /mute [username] [time]. If they return and still cause a commotion, I could jail and mute them for about ten minutes. If even after the muting and jailing a temporary ban seems to be in order. To un-mute the person, I would type /unmute [username].

    3. A user is hurling abusive language at you, what do you do?

    I would ask them to please control themselves and use a better choice of words because they are running the risk of being banned. If they continue, I would do as aforementioned in the arguing (number 2). I would mute, jail and then tempban, assuming they continue to throw around abusive language.

    4. Someone enters another person's house without their permission, what do you do?

    I would ask them to get out and replace everything they moved out of place. I would issue a warning (if the damage done to the houseis minor) and tell them to read the rules. If they refuse to leave, I could kick them with /kick [username] [reason] or jail them. If they continue to return and break into houses, they will receive a temporary ban.

    5. Do you have skype?

    Yes I do.(not willing too say unless accepted)

    A Little about me : I'm you're average 13 year old. I am a VERY HARDCORE Zelda fan and have played all games. I love minecraft,I've Been staff on many servers.​
    6. You're In Game Name?

    Jxdeane2000 Or Some people know me as ToonRedLink,Lavenders_Red

    Thanks for reading,Jxdeane2000
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  2. KxWarrior

    KxWarrior Wot r u dern in mah swemph

    Good god I hate color edits, especially colors I can't read (the blue at the top)
    HOWEVER, doesn't make me dislike the app.

    Right now I stand at a maybe. You're still pretty new. You have good grammar, you seem smart, it's just that you're new, and right now as a person, you should probably stick around just a bit more.

    Thank you for the app though :p I hope you are going to stick around. You'd make a good candidate a little further down the line.
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  3. Jonathan

    Jonathan Deku Scrub

    Lol,I've been on the server for 2 years hardly call that "New Player" I'm Now Known as Lavenders_Red. Also,thanks for the kinda good reply :D peace!
  4. Jonathan

    Jonathan Deku Scrub

    I really Hope I can Get the position!
  5. KxWarrior

    KxWarrior Wot r u dern in mah swemph

    2 years?

    I guess you're right. I may or may not have noticed your repeated name changes LOL
  6. vayanui8

    vayanui8 Senior Bracer

    He hasn't been here for 2 years...
  7. Jonathan

    Jonathan Deku Scrub

    I joined the forums 1 year ago,So I could get VIP+ I was on the rest if the time.Just on the server,Thanks for reading,Jxdeane
  8. Jonathan

    Jonathan Deku Scrub

    Also,XD Nice Ichi.
  9. timetravelsloth

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    I know I'm not supposed to post on mod apps, but I had too.


    Last activity:
    Today at 5:44 PM
    Jan 3, 2014
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  10. Peter

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    (also dont post on mod apps)
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  11. Jonathan

    Jonathan Deku Scrub

    Oi, sorry bout that, I bought VIP + recently,and srsly dude why you post?
  12. timetravelsloth

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    "I joined the forums 1 year ago,"

    Jan 3, 2014
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