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Discussion in 'Mod Applications' started by Juan Arredondo, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Juan Arredondo

    Juan Arredondo Hylian Citizen

    Your minecraft username: JuanArredondo

    Why do you want to be a mod:
    I want to be a mod because it seems like almost every time I'm on there's no other mods on and people need help.

    Do you have a good understanding of the commands a mod uses:
    Yes, I have a very good understanding over the mod commands.

    Will you be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy:
    I always am! I'm also very friendly to all users!

    1. Someone's house has been griefed, what do you do?
    Ask what's been griefed, undo the griefing, find who griefed them, jail them for a few minutes as a warning and tell them not to do it again.

    2. Some users are arguing, what do you do?
    I would see what they are arguing over and ask them both to calm down and try to find a solution to their argument.

    3. A user is hurling abusive language at you, what do you do?
    I would jail them for 5 minutes or so and warn them to not do it again.

    4. Someone enters another person's house without their permission, what do you do?
    I would politely ask them to leave the house.
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  2. gabocore

    gabocore Olympus Lord

    In the first question we don't want you to tell us what would you do, we want you to tell us how would you use the commands. The application is not good enough, and there are enough mods for now, so i vote no.
  3. Aaron Stevens

    Aaron Stevens Hylian Citizen

    actually every time I'm on, there is never a mod on 80% of the time. thats one of the many reason i too applied
  4. gabocore

    gabocore Olympus Lord

    huh who are you?
  5. Aaron Stevens

    Aaron Stevens Hylian Citizen

  6. Moveit77

    Moveit77 Time Lord

    Jumchi, you know I'm a mod, right?
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  7. Aaron Stevens

    Aaron Stevens Hylian Citizen

    Yes, but I'm usually on all through out the day and mods are not on very often. I've rebuilt parts of mine and Juan's home several times bc a mod wasn't on. And when someone asks if there's a mod on it usually no. I think we could use at least one more mod. And everyone on the server generally likes JuanArredondo anyway.
  8. gabocore

    gabocore Olympus Lord

    That's simply not true. I'm in the server a lot. I join like every hour to check if everything is ok. Except when i go to sleep, but in those situations normally there is moveit or fae, like all of the time
  9. Aaron Stevens

    Aaron Stevens Hylian Citizen

    It is true.
  10. gabocore

    gabocore Olympus Lord

    If you are trying to be mod, i don't think the best thing you can do is to say that other mods are not good. I said no, and that's all, you won't get a yes because you accuse other mods of not being in the server enough.
  11. Aaron Stevens

    Aaron Stevens Hylian Citizen

    I gave up being a MOD bc none of you probably never looked at my app for it. I'm saying Juan should be a mod.

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