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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by MisumiKaos, May 6, 2022.

  1. MisumiKaos

    MisumiKaos Lost One Lux

    For those who (more than likely now) don't know, I'm MisumiKaos, a former S-Mod for ZC from a few years back. I was pretty active here at a point in time too, but eventually developments sprang up that made that no longer possible and so much time passed with that being the case that I ended up turning to other things. After digging about for awhile, though, curiosity brought me to check back up on this place.

    So just a couple questions...

    1. Is ZC itself still running?

    2. Is anybody even here now that I'd recognize? XD Probably not, I'd wager...
  2. GrayPsi

    GrayPsi Hylian Citizen

    1. Yes! We still get a decent amount of players although prolly not as active as the earlier half of its lifespan, but we have a few twitch streamers who could sometimes reach double tab when streaming. We have an official discord server at where we still have 2. Gamerguy, KxWarrior, DCaff, Sent, and rarely mak. Lorenzo appeared for a bit in 2017 or 18 but disappeared again. I'm from December 2015-present myself so I don't know about before that other than what was on the forums, but I do know some of the members who come from much longer before me. Also sorry I totally looked through your profile for mutuals lmao
  3. MisumiKaos

    MisumiKaos Lost One Lux

    Sweet. Also wow, those people are still there? Color me surprised.

    Sadly, as much as I'd like to jump back into the ZC server again for old times sake I'm still pretty much out in Internet Nowheresville and probably wouldn't get to do much before losing connection.

    I'll gladly check out that Discord when I get a chance, though. First I have to get it updated (which takes bloody forever... XD).

    As for what I've been up to... Took some classes, spent awhile pretty much babysitting people, went in and out of a few jobs, and these days I'm mostly known online as "Lux." I'm also slowly but surely working on creating a little group with a friend we're going to call the "Game Over Bros." Still very much a WIP and there's only two members right now, but eventually I hope to get to where we start making videos again and streaming and such.
  4. Tenshi

    Tenshi King of Hyrule

    Yoo its Misumi! Welcome back!!
    Def check out the Discord! If anything ZC is thriving better than it ever has been. Good to see you back around ^^
  5. ismart22

    ismart22 Hylian Citizen

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  6. GrayPsi

    GrayPsi Hylian Citizen

    noo bc have u seen how many players are on in average
  7. Dark Lord Sentis

    Dark Lord Sentis Deku Scrub Staff Member

    Yoooo Misumi, always good to see an old name pop up!

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