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  1. Neemfy

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    Your minecraft username:
    Time Zone (GMT+?):
    Your discord name and #:
    Why do you want to be a mod:
    I wanna help ZeldaCraft grow as a server. I want to help people with their common problems that I see more of every day. Fixing issues and helping other players is what I do best on the server.
    Do you have a good understanding of the commands a mod uses (and also list them):
    I have a good understanding of the commands used as a mod.
    /ban, for permanently banning a player
    /tempban, for temporarily banning a player
    /jail, for placing a player in the jail
    /co inspect, checking for blocks or items that were altered
    /co rollback, for rolling back blocks or items that were taken or changed
    Will you be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy:
    Yes, I will do my best to do what I need to do as a mod, keep my head, and always help the players in need.
    And answer these questions:

    1. Someone's house has been griefed, what do you do?
    Inspect the griefed area to see what blocks or items were changed, and roll them back. Depending on the severity of the grief, the punishments will be as follows:
    1-10 Items or Blocks: At least a warning, or a jail of up to 2 hours if refusal to comply.
    11-50 Items or Blocks: Depending on the value of blocks stolen or griefed, 1-3 temp ban.
    50-100 Items or blocks: 7 Day Temp ban.
    100-200 items or blocks: 1 month temp ban.
    200 or more items or blocks: Permanent ban.

    2. Some users are arguing, what do you do?
    Tell them to stop arguing, and if they refuse to comply, give them a stern warning. If still continuing, a 10 minute mute will follow. If they have still ceased arguing, a 30 minute jail and mute will occur.

    3. A user is hurling abusive language at you, what do you do?
    Tell them to stop and give them a warning. If they continue, give them a 30 minute mute.

    4. Someone enters another person's house without their permission, what do you do?
    Ask them to leave, if they refuse to comply, teleport them outside of the house. If they still do not leave the player's house, a 10 minute jail will follow.

    One more thing before I end this mod app. I know, my retirement didn't last long. I felt like I needed a break from moderating, as I retired right after DarkLinkArisen had been banned. However, I do think being a mod for the server was much better, and I want to be able to help as much as I can. Thanks for the consideration.
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    You were a good mod before, so it's a yes from me
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  3. nasfi

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  4. Ichikuro

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    Not right now.

    And by that i mean right now we got enough staff. Playerbase is relatively small for now, but we seem to have staff on at least 20 out of 24 hours. For now, No.

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