I like balloons

Discussion in 'Lost Woods' started by ballooney, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. ballooney

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    ever since i was a mere child I always looked at the sky,
    one day i met a boy with a balloon and asked him
    "hey what's that"
    he responded with "go fuk urself mi ballon is my best frend"
    then he proceeded to walk around with his balloon
    I thought to myself "I need one of my own"
    then an even greater thought graced my mind
    "why not become a balloon?"
    for years I covered myself in rubber and
    even had a machine pump helium into
    my lungs,
    now it's 30 years later and I have
    embraced my inner balloon
    I encourage you all to do the same

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  2. Mergu

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    a new gender arises
  3. ncpearce

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    Get out you balloon fucking degenerate
  4. EmberDarkwood

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  5. ballooney

    ballooney Deku Scrub

    I'm the real ballooney anyone else who says they are is a liar
  6. Endermuffin7467

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    Dr. Doofenshmirtz misses you ballooney
  7. dearius

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