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    Move this to advertising pls. I can't make threads there.
    Hoggin' It

    Hoggin' It is a small server owned by BlaBlaBloid (me) and Yolo_Swag_Ammar (my friend).
    We have:
    -A Creative world with PlotMe
    -A Factions world
    -Two PvP arenas that switch every month
    -A sweet-arse hub spawn built by yours truly

    Our (WIP) website is at
    Our IP is on the banner.

    Current Staff:

    Staff Applications:
    Click here

    This server will survive a good deal longer than neutrinocraft simply because my friend is the one paying for it and he's not as stingy as I am.

    NOTE: you may not be able to build anything or do anything. If that's the case I f*cked up the permissions and you should tell me immediately.
    So, whatcha waiting for? Join now!
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  2. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

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    But will there be babes?
  4. Sentinel_Baker!

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    In this land, the babes will flow, like a river of wine. If wine had boobs.
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    Yes. The babes here in edmonton play minecraft (srsly)

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