Hiya its Princess Angel!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by _AngelHeart, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. _AngelHeart

    _AngelHeart Deku Scrub

    So haha yea! Hello cx


    Alright my name is Angel as you all know (Not my real name, heck you wont know that for awhile till you really know me :) )

    Im very shy in real life but im super outgoing online. Actually now that i think of it im pretty hyper in real life now too!

    I hope to know all of you one day. you all seem so unique and lovely!

    So uhmmm... I love TIRAMISU if you ever get me some were getting married hunny.

    Alright i a little background.

    I used to be Instagram famous with 10k you may or may not have known me. I went by my username you see now. I since then have deleted that account, its been dead for almost a year now!! I left due to people telling me to kill myself because i was apparently "too kind" and people thought i was faking but hey i cant help i love people for who they are!

    That's another thing! I will love you no matter what, i believe everyone is fallen and deserves so many chances. We're all human we make mistakes and all deserve kindness. If you ever need a helping hand im here to hold you. You will never be lesser in my eyes. All of you are beautiful.

    Anyways i should stop rambling but thank you for stopping by :):link:
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  2. Halt19

    Halt19 Hylian Knight

  3. _AngelHeart

    _AngelHeart Deku Scrub

    whats up ^-^
  4. Halt19

    Halt19 Hylian Knight

    not much
    cat's screwing around under my bed though
    i shooed her off
  5. PicaroRob

    PicaroRob Triforce Sage

    I welcome you with open arms! I hope you're here to stay, and I hope we can be good friends :)
  6. Halt19

    Halt19 Hylian Knight

    so are you new to zc? sorry, I have the worst memory for names/people on the planet, but this seems like a "hello, I'm new" hello and not a simple "hello" hello.
  7. _AngelHeart

    _AngelHeart Deku Scrub

    awwww! kitty!
  8. _AngelHeart

    _AngelHeart Deku Scrub

    oh my goodness me too :)
  9. MasterofZelda14

    MasterofZelda14 Hylian Knight

    Welcome Angel! I haven't been on recently so I'm sorry if I missed you first logging in, but I hope I see you online soon, I wish to welcome you myself "in house". But for now this will do :link:

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