Hi hello! I'm Kimokura.

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  1. Shuji

    Shuji Deku Scrub

    Hey everyone, I'm Shuji (or Kimokura on Minecraft, as my username says on there asdfdasfsa)
    I actually joined ZeldaCraft a while back, only re-joining now again with a friend. Although I don't talk much in the servers ( because I'm very shy ;v; Sorry to anyone whoever wants to talk to me, I'm just shy /// )

    Here's a bit about myself
    - I like hedgehogs, as you can see by my avatar haha
    - Cats are cool too
    - I've been a Zelda fan ever since I was small ;v;
    - My favorite color is red
    - I like to draw so I'm an artist. Maybe I'll post some art in the Discord or something
    - I'm a graphic student so Graphic design i s My PASSION

    I hope we all can get along!
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