Hej guys !! >u<

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Am I kawaii???

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  1. OriginalZelda25

    OriginalZelda25 Hylian Knight

    Hey guys you thought you’ve seen the last of me but I’m back again to completely destroy you

    My hobbies >w< >w< owo ^w^!!!
    • I like to annoy people and do cheesy roleplay
    • When I don't get enough attention I lie about how I'm dying on the inside and outside and have a 98.9% chance of dying the next day >.< ;-; T-T
    • I love pretending to be someone I'm not and creating kawaii drama! ^o^ ^w^ ^^
    • I like to sing

    And that's all about me! Thanks for reading! ^o^ >u< owo

    -The REAL Zelda
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  2. Exo Warlock

    Exo Warlock King of Hyrule

    Best self-intro ever. 10/10 would read again.
    except that your chosen colors are straining my eyes.

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