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Discussion in 'Mod Applications' started by gymnast86, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. gymnast86

    gymnast86 Elite Speedrunner

    Your minecraft username: gymnast86
    Why do you want to be a mod: After being part of this community for about 2 months Ive grown to love the community for what it is and wish to help it. Ive also been griefed multiple times on my sky island so i know what it feels like to be griefed. I want to help the other people who have also been griefed get their stuff back as soon as possible
    Do you have a good understanding of the commands a mod uses: Im 100% sure i know enough about the commands a mod on Zeldacraft uses. Ive had experience with being mod/admin on other servers and i know how to use the following plugins: World Edit, World Guard, Multiverse Core, Multiverse Portals, Coreprotect, Infinatime, Essentials, Group Manager, Iconomy, IcnomyChestshop
    Will you be responsible, calm, mature, and trustworthy: I am mature 99% of the time but there are some times that i can get a little immature. Other than that i will be responsible, calm, and trustworthy.

    1. Someones house has been griefed, what do you do? First i would ask the person where the grief happened and then teleport to them with /tp gymnast86 <username>. I would then examine the grief for a few seconds. Then after using the /co inspect command i would place a block to see who the griefer was. Next i would use /co rollback u:<username of the griefer> t:<how long ago the grief happened> r:<radius of the grief>. If all the blocks werent back in place it would mean that there were multiple griefers, and i would use the /co inspect and /co rollback commands again until i found all the griefers. The punishment for the grief depends on a few things: 1. how much they greifed, and 2. what # grief offense it was. If they only griefed like 1-4 blocks on their first offense then i would give them a warning not to do it again. If the grief was minor then i would have to jail and mute the user depending on what # offense it was. If it was their first offense they would be jailed for 10 - 15 minutes with /jail <username> prison <time they will be their in seconds>, second offense would be 20 - 30 minutes, third offense is 40 - 50 minutes of jail time, anything above would be tempban for a day with /tempban <username> 86400(one day). If the griefers made a MAJOR grief like completely destroying someones house I would Tempban them depending on what # offense it was. If it was the first offense it would be one day /tempban <username> 86400. If it was their second offense then i would tempban them for 3 days /tempban <username> 259200(3 days). If it was their 3rd grief offense then they clearly have not learned their lesson and they will be banned.

    2. Some users are arguing, what do you do? I would first ask what the problem is they are having. If their problem doesn't have anything to do with anything on the server i would ask them to please take their argument somewhere else. If they continued to argue on the server about something like this i would mute each of them for 15 minutes. If the argument was about was about something to do with the server such as somebody using an unfair mod then i would consult the problem and have each of them tell me their side of the story. I will then make some unbiased suggestions to them until they come to an agreement. If a user is caps lock raging at someone else in arguement then i would mute that player for 15 minutes until they have cooled down a bit.

    3. A user is hurling abusive language at you, what do you do? I would first tell the user to stop hurling abusive language at me for no reason. If they continued to use the same tone at me then i would mute them for 15 minutes. If they continued to swear me out after i unmuted them then i would tempban them for a day /tempban <username> 86400 giving them plenty of time to cool down.

    4. Someone enters another person's house without their permission, what do you do? I would first tell the person in question to get out of the others house since they are not welcome there. If they dont exit from the persons house within 30 seconds i would tp them to spawn twice so they cant use /back to go back in the persons home /tppos x coord, y coord, z coord. If they still manged to get back in the persons house then i would jail them for 15 minutes. If they continue to be persistent with this i will tempban them and then if they still don't learn their lesson i will eventually ban them.

    Other notes: I may not be able to dedicate much time to the server as the school year is starting and i will have a lot of homework to do and not much time on my hands. I know Zeldacraft just enlisted some new mods recently so if you ever decide you need anymore I hope to be one of those few. Thank you for reading my mod application

    Yes I believe it is necessary for my application to be this long.
  2. gymnast86

    gymnast86 Elite Speedrunner

    Can someone please comment on this?
  3. gabocore

    gabocore Olympus Lord

    Well the application is pretty good. But i don't like that you wouldn't be much on the server, we don't need more mods that just disappear after they get the position. Besides, we are now trialing flaming, chilli, seraph and zackin, those are 4 more mods if they get accepted, we have enough for now. Although if one of these trial mods doesn't get accepted or we need more in the future, you will be the first one to know.
  4. gymnast86

    gymnast86 Elite Speedrunner

    the reason we may not see each other often is because we may be in different time zones. I live in California so im on PST time.
    But thank you for reading my mod application. Feedback is all i wanted :)
  5. Moveit77

    Moveit77 Time Lord

    I live in California as well, and I don't see you on a lot. I think to become a mod, you need to be noticed, and to be noticed, you need to do something important. Excellent application, though. Follow my directions and you'll get more people to vote yes.
  6. Zackinblack

    Zackinblack God of Hyrule

    Your mod app is very good Gymnast :) And Moveit and gabocore is right WE really ont see you much on the server. Also Fi, and Benito are mods and your hardly see them. But you get on more then them! If you can get on more than usual i will be glad i choose a good choice cause i say Yes :)
    App Vote: YES
  7. werew12

    werew12 King of Hyrule

    moveit we all no u get noticed
  8. Chilli_Axe

    Chilli_Axe Hylian Citizen

    Nice application! Looks very good.
    One thing though, with the tempban command, you don't have to use seconds. You can use </tempban (u) 1d> for one day, or </tempban (u) 24m> for 24 minutes, as the tempban duration.
    I don't remember seeing you on, but that's probably because of differing time zones. But for now, this is my vote.
    App vote: YES
  9. werew12

    werew12 King of Hyrule

    i see him alot on the server
  10. gymnast86

    gymnast86 Elite Speedrunner

    Thanks for the information Chilli :)
  11. Zackinblack

    Zackinblack God of Hyrule

    Come on were stop posting on peoples Mod application xD
  12. gymnast86

    gymnast86 Elite Speedrunner

    I wish I could get mak to see this
  13. seraphqing11

    seraphqing11 Great DragonLord Valoo

    Quite legit indeed :) yet sad to say is that its true... benito and fi every now and then go on but who i berely even Know is Giggis and i sure wont like not having all the Mods to talk to and start up secret stuff XD...*oops did i say to much* -says MAAP
    for now my vote is:YES
  14. gymnast86

    gymnast86 Elite Speedrunner

    Thank you :) and just one question:

    Quiet legit?
  15. seraphqing11

    seraphqing11 Great DragonLord Valoo

    auto-correct XD
  16. Banned

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