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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Guttingamer, Jan 11, 2014.

  1. Guttingamer

    Guttingamer Triforce Sage

    Yeah so here are just some basic rules that you guys should follow here on the forums:
    • Be kind and respectful to everyone

    (i.e. Don't start arguing or cursing at other players)

    • Do not spam.

    Note: Unrelated posts and images on any given thread will be deleted.

    • Do not double or triple post.

    (Use that edit button)

    • Do not necropost.

    (A thread that's lost its topic or is over 30 days old is considered a 'dead' thread)

    • Do not post on moderator applications, trusted applications, or ban appeals.

    • Do not post pornographic content


    Please note that these rules are meant to keep things in order and organized. These rules can change, so don't forget to check this thread every once-in-a-while. Furthermore, all of these rules come with their owns exceptions. Thanks!

    – Zeldacraft Staff
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  2. Linked Dimentio

    Linked Dimentio The Vanguard

    Finally, a rule about Necroposting.

    Ben, stop Necroposting.
  3. vayanui8

    vayanui8 Senior Bracer

    By allowing adult based content we do not mean you can go posting porn on that thread, so don't get any ideas
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  4. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

    Just put [EXPLICIT] or something along those lines by the adult based threads.
  5. GreyCollared

    GreyCollared Ancient Sage

    Shucks. :(
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  6. EpicNintendoguy2

    EpicNintendoguy2 Ancient Sage

    I see nothing that I would get banned for a WEEK for here. *Looking at the ghost of Bug*
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  7. Beedle

    Beedle Nautical Trader

    Gut, what about trusted apps?
  8. KxWarrior

    KxWarrior Wot r u dern in mah swemph

    More or less if you cant use your better judgement and see the other apps are on there....there may be s problem :p

    I'm gonna look over it and close up any loopholes
  9. GreyCollared

    GreyCollared Ancient Sage

    VIP and under are not allowed to post on Trusted Apps.
  10. Beedle

    Beedle Nautical Trader

    Grey.... I didn't ask who can post in it, I just asked gut to add it to the list lol
  11. GreyCollared

    GreyCollared Ancient Sage

    Sorry about that. lol
  12. Linked Dimentio

    Linked Dimentio The Vanguard

    Only Mods can post on Apps (Mod and Trusted, trusted because people helped their friends get trusted)
  13. KxWarrior

    KxWarrior Wot r u dern in mah swemph

    Bumping this for people to review. Tell me what you guys think of my edits. The only things I really did were added simple explanations to the rules, to maybe help new players/silly people understand them.
  14. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

    A bunch of people keep posting on ban appeals for no reason.
  15. Linked Dimentio

    Linked Dimentio The Vanguard

    They don't seem to care for the rules, like most people.
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  16. Moveit77

    Moveit77 Time Lord

    It depends, you should be able to necropost if the thread still has purpose.
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  17. KxWarrior

    KxWarrior Wot r u dern in mah swemph

    Well, there is a disclaimer that mentions that there are exceptions, within common sense. What exactly do you mean?

    edit: @Hor: If i'm on the forums, i'll do my best to take care of it.
  18. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

    Well, none of the other mods give a shit about people posting on ban appeals even though it's clearly stated in the OP.
  19. KxWarrior

    KxWarrior Wot r u dern in mah swemph

    Most of the appeals on the first page are locked at present.

    Hopefully there will be motivation at some point
  20. vayanui8

    vayanui8 Senior Bracer

    most of the comments on appeals are helpful I find. I really don't think we should block comments as much as just pointless ones
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