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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Blue_MoonWolf, Oct 21, 2018.

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    I keep seeing people say that the server's dead.
    Well yeah, it may not be as active as it was on 2016-17 period. Same goes for all; forums, discord, and the actual server. No one really logs in for long.

    Most people who complain about the server being dead didn't do anything to 'revive' it. They could just give random suggestions on interesting things. Though the only thing they do is join once in a millenium on the server just to say it's dead, and they'll log back off.

    Same here goes to the discord. People will type once in a while, and they'll only say that it's dead.

    Almost all of the people who do that, are never 'active'. Now I can hear the incoming messages say that "We have school", "We have jobs", etc. Doesn't everyone? Look at it from that way. If most of the playerbase didn't have these things, they'd be active. We're all growing up year by year, and things get tougher and tougher. Many of the playerbase we have is going to collages, or they're one or two years before that, and they're prepearing for it.

    While others just don't feel like it, cause they've been burned out from the game. Minecraft's a short period game, which once you've done everything, or most of the things, you lose interest in it. The active playerbase on ZC right now are the mods, and the newer players who have started recently, and don't have any goods. Once they'll get around the community, have everything, and nothing to do, they'll feel burned out from the game too.

    Now I can hear other people saying things as in do events, and such. I've been working on something. People will know soon.

    People just come and go. It's not the end of the world. No one knows what might happen in the near future
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    The server died again after I got banned. It always does. Lol.
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  6. Ichikuro

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    Right...let's pretend your activity has anything to do with an influx of new and old players


    Edit- will say that nasfi is right everyone complaining that the server/forums being slow or dying are the same exact people who play for a week and leave for a year. Though when was the last dungeon added? Or the supposed dedi that was going to be added with the new rank...:thinking:

    That's all I've got to say.
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    Don't get me wrong; I've seen my fair share of online communities wither from their prime and heard many regulars repeat the same thing over and over again.
    "the server is dying"
    That's been a ZC meme for a while now!
    But It's good to come back and see people you recognize. It's good to see y'all again.
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  8. SuSAliens

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    lmfao thought she left ^
  9. villicool112

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    that´s not.... no... wtf... if anything you being there got more ppl to quit, dont rly get why you think so highly of yourself.... honestly man only thing i remember you doing is fuckin up the server (For the worse), not sayin i did anything good lmao prob did Alot worse shit you did, but honestly you saying that you are the reason zc is dying is just retarded.
    And also didnt you quit..?
    Do me a favor, or actually do Everyone a favor like leave gurl :D
  10. Tenshi

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    Look at the one bumping dead forum posts kek. PYP already
  11. SuSAliens

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    What does PYP mean?
  12. nasfi

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  13. villicool112

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    All the posts are dead not like you posting something back in when the fuck ever revives it, this was the like second to most recent and there where like 5 comments, so i read it and was pretty damn disappointed you think so highly of yourself. + what does PYP mean??....
  14. BBB

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    i still firmly maintain that this server died the first time they removed pvp at skyloft
  15. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    fun fact; pvp is not disabled in skyloft (not anymore). Also the server's been having some spikes of life with the xmas event

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