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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Rhett, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. Rhett

    Rhett Deku Scrub

    Yes, it is horcrux2007. I'm sure most of you knew by now and if not, then that's good on my part.

    This thread is made for the sole reason of apologizing. This isn't a ban appeal. During my year on this forum, I was pretty much the worst person alive. I was arrogant, I had a bad attitude, and I was just unpleasant to be around. I thought other people had to change for me, but that's not the case. I created such a bad image of myself, and I know that a lot of people hated me. I now understand why. I actually hate my old self. Since I've left, I've joined other forums and become more pleasant to be around. I have now realized how horrible I was of a person during my time here. For that, for wasting player space and chat logs, I give my deepest apologies. I created this fake account to stay until I found a new forum, which I did, and I'm now a very active member of (guess what it's based around).

    Nal - You had every reason to ban me. I thought I could say anything I wanted to you. I don't expect you to forgive me, but at least read this.

    Gamer - If I came off as Satan to you, it was because I was jealous of how awesome you are. Good luck with your future here.

    Sent - We fought so many times about trivial things. I'm sorry for being an aggravating bitch, and I hope you and Ellie are still doing well.

    Darth - I had mixed feelings about you, but now I know you were great. I hope we can still talk sometimes on Skype.

    Lav - Don't go breakin my heart :p

    Rob - I don't think we talked too too much, but I hope you're doing well.

    Gabocore - I will find the donut picture.

    Gut - I'm still so sorry about me having a teen rage in March. You're great, and I hope you're doing well.

    Slik and Ninten - We had our ups and downs, but you were great friends.

    Zak - I was jealous of you as well. You were great to be around and a phenomenal builder.

    Truth be told, you all helped me realize my flaws and help me grow as a person. Not just the people I mentioned, but everyone I've encountered here. I love you guys.
  2. Peter

    Peter Meme Machine

    wait wt abt mi
  3. Rhett

    Rhett Deku Scrub

    I talk to you almost every day.
  4. Peter

    Peter Meme Machine

  5. Peter

    Peter Meme Machine

    btw zak hasnt been on in forever
  6. Rhett

    Rhett Deku Scrub

    Okay, well I still wanted to say that.
  7. Rhett

    Rhett Deku Scrub

    And to anyone who I gave a hard time about liking or not liking something, I have absolutely no business criticizing someone else's opinion. That was a horrible trait of mine.
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  8. GreyCollared

    GreyCollared Ancient Sage

    Although I never had a problem with you or your attitude, I think its great that you're making changes for the better. I've missed you, but I hope you keep having a good time where you're at now. <2 u bby
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  9. vayanui8

    vayanui8 Senior Bracer

  10. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

    I'm not gonna use that other account. Mark seemed to pardon me; however, I won't be posting nearly as much as I used to. Maybe every once and a while.
  11. vayanui8

    vayanui8 Senior Bracer

    Glad to see you got your old account back
  12. BlaBlaBloid

    BlaBlaBloid Carlton Danks

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  13. PicaroRob

    PicaroRob Triforce Sage

    Same here xD we both knew it all along
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  14. Benjehamaus

    Benjehamaus The Hero of Legend

    Glad to see you've changed.
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  15. Sentinel_Baker!

    Sentinel_Baker! The Gambler.

    You adorable little shit. I'm glad you made this, it's good to see you've changed man. I was the same as you when I was younger, but I found a way to make people think I was a nice prick, just find a way to do that and you're golden ;) and Ellie I are great by the way :3
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  16. Linked Dimentio

    Linked Dimentio The Vanguard

    Bolded: The fuck?

    Zak and Gab are likely gone for good.

    Nice to see you changed.
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  17. Linked Dimentio

    Linked Dimentio The Vanguard

    SentXHor new ZC Ship.
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  18. LunaEostre

    LunaEostre Fated Forerunner

    May Drumbledore beat on once again (haha punz)
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  19. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

    There's a picture I took nearly 2 years ago of me eating a donut that he liked for some reason.
  20. Linked Dimentio

    Linked Dimentio The Vanguard

    I got 2 different condos about this one thread and I thought it was something like Hor is dying for a second.

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