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    I've gone by many names since I first joined ZC, and mostly I went by Dark. I had a blast being part of this community. It does have its problems, and it's rough in spots, but many of you are wonderful people, and I'm truly grateful to have had you as friends. As I told nas, now that I've admitted to my mistakes, I'm halfway there. I don't expect any of you to ever consider me as a friend, so I want to say I'm sorry. My time on ZC is finally up, and I'm glad to have been here. For those of you who are new players, learn the lessons I should have learned long ago, and don't be like I was. If you ever want to contact me, you'll always be able to find me on discord as DarkLinkArisen#7821
    Once again guys, I'll miss you all. So here's a cheers to all of you, and a cheers to a better life.

    The last Will and Testament of DarkLinkArisen, TheJoeWizard, Gnome, or Captain Invictus.

    I leave my bee farm to Arc, the man I knew liked bees.

    I leave the city of Bridgetown to Zazzan, as well as the villager breeder and library.

    I leave the ship, The Black Pearl, to Harry, as I know he loved the ship.

    I leave my enderman grinder and my blaze farm to Subrosian Chef, a true member of the Grind.

    I leave my money to Red, in hopes she will distribute it.

    I leave the Zoo to Zazzan, as well as the storage cavern below it.

    And finally, I leave all of my other belongings to Ayden and Mac, as well as any land I have not mentioned prior.

    Well Ladies and Gentlemen, Good luck with your lives, and live them well. This is Dark logging off, for the very last time.

    DarkLinkArisen has left the game.

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