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  1. SuwakoMoriya

    SuwakoMoriya Deku Scrub

    Just kidding.

    Dooger (Konata) showed me this site, so I decided to look around for a little while.

    For a living, I'm a web application developer at day (forum system, CRM system, blog system, to name a few), sole console game developer at night (mostly New 3DS and Wii U, but I'm also experimenting with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita a bit), and a video gameplayer during weekends.

    And outside this, I just like to hang around online, since I barely know anyone in real life.

    So pleased to meet ya, I guess.
  2. Konata

    Konata Waifu

    Just kidding.

    Welcome to the forums~
  3. SuwakoMoriya

    SuwakoMoriya Deku Scrub

    While フォーラム is not incorrect per se, a common alternative word for "forum" is 掲示板 (though it means more like "bulletin board").
    And it's impressive there's a Japanese word for "forum", since there are barely any Japanese ones (comments, email, and some chat apps are more popular, lel).
  4. ayden425

    ayden425 @TheMelonGod

    Welcome to the forums :D!
    Gotta love new lovlies joining the forums
  5. Mergu

    Mergu Normie Staff Member


    Welcome! Have any examples of your work you can show us?
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  6. xX_I_Squid_I_Xx

    xX_I_Squid_I_Xx Hylian Hero

    Nice to see you here man!
    ***Angry Static***
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  7. SuwakoMoriya

    SuwakoMoriya Deku Scrub

    On the gaming side: Chimpuzzle Pro and BlockForm (EUR, NA), not really serious projects howevs, the real stuff is currently in the works and confidential.
    On the web side: KotoPasta (blog system), YamiBoard (forum system, in cooperation with MKGirlism), and a CRM system that's currently NDA'd (which I create at work, so that one is actually a commercial thing, a bit of information in Dutch).
    And video:
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  8. PicaroRob

    PicaroRob Triforce Sage

    Welcome to the server! It's awesome to meet unique people joining ZC! And is that channel yours or you made videos for the channel?
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  9. SuwakoMoriya

    SuwakoMoriya Deku Scrub

    Channel is mine, though we have quite a long history of contributors from all over the world too (but I'm solo nowadays).
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  10. LunaEostre

    LunaEostre Fated Forerunner

    This makes no sense to the context of this thread but I felt like being a weeb

    anyways welcome to the forums my dude
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  11. Mythic444

    Mythic444 Hylian Citizen

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