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    Minecraft Username: 0_Edgelord_0 is my actual username, LandLord is my nickname. My discord id is Edgelord#7510

    Time Zone:CST(central standard time)

    Age: 14 and a half

    Why Do You Want To Be A Mod: I've been on this server for about two and a half years now, gone through a lot of change in the way I behave, from being banned, to trusted, and now a valuable part of the community I feel. Throughout my two and a half years, I've made many friends, and many memories. ZeldaCraft has become my most valued online community, and for all that this server has done for me, I should do something to help the server. Becoming a mod has always been a goal of mine for the server, but never have I felt as ready as I do now to take on that responsibility. I built Collapse for the server as a way of thanking it, but I'd like to do more, and can as a mod. To the point: I want to be a mod so I can help others, I've noticed that a lot of the times on ZeldaCraft, now especially, mods aren't always to get on when they're needed. Being on 24/7 is not a mod's job, but there should be mods on as much as possible. Often times I see an admin on when I'm on, but it is not an admin's job to moderate, that is a moderators job. To help out with this problem I've noticed, I'd like to become a mod. I can be very active, as I'm sure you've seen in the recent months. I'm friendly and willing to put aside what I'm doing to help someone else with whatever they need. I work well in a team setting, or by myself if need be.

    Do You Have A Good Understanding Of The Commands A Mod Uses?: I know and am familiar with quite a few commands used by a mod. I've learned from a friend on another server how to use WorldEdit and also multiple mod commands as seen here:

    /co inspect (allows you to see who and when someone destroyed or placed a block)

    /co rollback u:[username] t:[time] r:[radius]
    (Revokes every action/grief a player has done within a period of time in a certain radius)

    /ban [username] [reason] (permanently bans a player)

    /tempban [username] [time] [reason]
    (Temporarily bans a player
    (Reason is optional for both ban and tempban)

    /unban [username] (revokes the banned status from a player)

    /pardon [username] (also revokes banned status from a player)

    /jail [username] jail [time in seconds]
    (Puts them in a jail cell where they can do nothing for however long you specified)

    /kick [username] (forces a user to log out but still allows for logins after)

    /mute [username] [time] (prevents a user from sending messages in the chat)

    /kickall (kickes all players that are logged in)

    /tp [username] (teleports you to a player without them without asking them first

    /tphere [username] (the opposite of /tp; forces another player to teleport to you)

    /ascend (/asc) (teleports you up one level)
    /descend (/desc) (teleports you down one level)

    /fakeleave (sends a fake leave message and hides your status in the player menu)

    And of course:
    /fly [username] (allows the player to fly, but not in dungeon world)

    Will You Be Responsible, Calm, Mature And Trustworthy?
    I will be very responsible, and will not hand my responsibility onto others. If in the case that I desperately need to hand off a responsibility, I'll repay them by doing them a favor in the future. I've proven myself to remain calm, even when people are firing away at me. I can take it well, and react in a relaxed state of mind. I've also proven my maturity over the years, and now I'm mature enough to take on a moderator position. I've also proven to be trustworthy, the only exception being when I made the joke about my age. I figured 24 would be so unbelievable that nobody could have possibly taken me seriously for it, but I was wrong, and some people did and I have since apologized, and vowed never to do anything like that again.

    Someone’s House Has Been Griefed, What Do You Do? I would find out who griefed, I would undo the damage (using /co rollback) and depending on the severity of the grief, and the amount of times said person has griefed/committed an offense before, it could be anywhere from a warning, if they get off lucky, a temporary ban, or in extreme cases, a permanent ban.

    Some Users Are Arguing, What Do You Do? I would first ask them why they are arguing, then follow up by asking them to calm down or take it to a private message. If they continue, I would mute them both for 5 minutes, if they were to continue, I would mute them for 2 hours. if even then they were so angry that they would continue to argue, ban for a week.

    A User Is Hurling Abusive Language At You, What Do You Do? If someone was hurling abusive language at me, whether that be severe insults, severe language, or other abusive language, I would tell them to calm down and warn them regarding a mute consequence. Then If they continue, mute for 30 minutes if they were just insulting, however if they were using slurs, that's an instant ban according to the rules, and is not tolerated here at all. if after the 30 minute mute they continue, ban for a day.

    Someone Enters Someone Else’s House Without Their Permission, What Do You Do? I would teleport to the player who trespassed and tell them to leave. If they do not, I would teleport them out of the house/property. If they continued to do that, I would jail them for 5 minutes. after the jail if they were to continue trespassing (without grief of course) I would temp ban them for 2days.

    Also, for a punishment chart, PLEASE check THIS out (link to punishment chart and rarity chart)

    Thank you for taking the time to read this
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  2. mrwobblers

    mrwobblers Hylian Knight Staff Member

    Overall a pretty good app, though some of your punishments seem a bit harsh (i.e. 2 week ban for continuing to argue). It seems you've but a lot of work into your app and punishment chart, which are both pretty solid. I've known you for a while and you're a good friend, and very trustworthy, and you also have a good grasp on the commands a moderator uses (other than /ascent and /descend, I don't think we have those). monkey like app, yes from me
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  3. DarkMarshal

    DarkMarshal Disneylandlord of your intellectual property Staff Member

    Hi Edge,
    This is a good mod app, got pretty much everything. Only thing I can add is that perhaps on your punishment chart you could potentially be slightly more harsh (for instance when it gets to 50+/100+), and also I agree with wob on the week ban arguing thing being maybe a bit too harsh, but all that is me nitpicking.
    Unfortunately because I have been away, which is my fault not yours, I haven't seen what you've been doing a lot, so I'll have to rely on others explaining. I was leaning on a maybe but I know the feeling of making quite a few mods apps until they're pretty much perfect and you can't really improve it. So I'll give you a break - Yes
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  4. brassow2007

    brassow2007 The Edge Lord

    Thank you! And of course my punishments are subject to change, they are not a hard line. I’ll be asking for help from veteran mods when I’m getting started to make sure I’m doing things right and being fair. Ooh ooh ah ah. :)
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  5. brassow2007

    brassow2007 The Edge Lord

    I appreciate it! And as I told wobbly, my punishments are definitely subject to change as I learn more about being a mod from you all.
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  6. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    although quite late on the subject (for serious reasons), my answer would have been a yes, simply because, despite the small/big issues caused in the past, you're a good person with good intentions as always, the app is solid and I like it
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    brassow2007 The Edge Lord

    Appreciate it nas <3
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