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  1. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

    Dreams can get pretty weird, so I thought it'd be fun to share any dreams that you've had.

    Most of my dreams lately have been intense, I guess. Not scary but they're like anxiety-inducing. Last night, I had a dream where I was at school in math class and I went outside but it was nighttime. But not just darkness. Like, advanced darkness. All the sudden I'm sitting down with 4 other people at some kind of supernatural spin the bottle thing, and if the bottle landed on you, then you died. So 3 people died and turned into vampires (idk why) and me and some girl started running back to class while I presume they're chasing us and suddenly I'm back in class and then I wake up. I think I watch too many scary movies lol
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  2. TravisTouchdown

    TravisTouchdown Dori-Kin

    Sometimes... I dream about cheese.
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  3. Ichikuro

    Ichikuro Bow wow. I am dog. Staff Member

    I dream about propane and propane accessories.
  4. Ms_Orihime

    Ms_Orihime Hylian Hero

    Thats some adult dream right there
  5. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

  6. Scarce

    Scarce Deku Scrub

    I dream about flannel shirts, and sometimes I have nightmares about single uploads
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  7. EmberDarkwood

    EmberDarkwood God of Hyrule

    I remember a lot of fire and death. I don't really remember much but I remember that.
  8. MasterofZelda14

    MasterofZelda14 Hylian Knight

    I normally dream about, when I actually enter Rem sleep, being trapped in an interdimensional loop where I keep crossing into fictional universes like that of Legend of Zelda, DragonBall, Metroid, and tons of cartoons, anime, and Vidja Games. At this point I've lost track of all that's happened, because this one dream cycle has been going on any time I actually dream.

    THE GREAT _SLIK_ Ancient Sage

    I had a lot of recurring dreams in the past where I'd always wake up in the dream in some house I didn't know with sky blue bed sheets, oh and when I played too many strategy games I'd dream about different strategies I could've done.
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  10. RGEpicMrT

    RGEpicMrT I like chips

    I had a dream one time that seemed so much like real life, because it started with me waking up and getting out of bed, getting ready to slave away at school, my usual morning routine, except one thing about all of it was different. My girlfriend was doing my morning routine with me too. Now, of course I was dreaming, so it didn't immediately occur to me that I've been single since my twin died in the womb, so I just went with it. We got ourselves ready, we "ate" (More like chugging some carbonated battery acid AKA Mountain Dew) breakfast and then went to school. The whole time we were talking about different things and laughing and having a good time. Unfortunately, we only had two classes together, but we made the best out of our school day. After that, we walked home and played Smash Bros together (I kicked her ass of course), ate dinner (Turns out she makes better nachos than I do), and at the end of the day we lied down in bed together and slept. And then I actually woke up and I turned to my side where she was supposed to be sleeping but then I remember it was all a dream. I was like "Damn, that was a better dream than where I was the protagonist of Huniepop" and suddenly I hear from behind me "What was your dream this time?" and I turn around and it was her. I asked "Wait a minute, that wasn't a dream?" and she tilted her head confused. She just said "Hey, I was planning on heading to the store today, can I borrow some cash?" I rubbed my eyes and decided that this was, indeed, reality and I responded, "How much will you need?" And she grins and says "Imma need about tree fiddy" and my eyes widened as I realized I had been dating an 8-story-tall crustacean from the Paleozoic era. And then I ACTUALLY woke up yelling "Goddamn Loch Ness Monster!"

    I put in way too much effort for some shitty joke

    THE GREAT _SLIK_ Ancient Sage

    No but seriously those dreams where you fall in love then wake up and realize it was all a dream are cruel.
  12. Niblit

    Niblit Hylian Knight

    I had a dream where me and Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z were trapped inside a multi-story bouncy house that was flooded, and we eventually escaped, but then we were being chased by a demonic goat, but then- the hero, the myth, the legend himself, Donald Trump swooped in with his private army and they opened fire and killed the goat and saved us.
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  13. MitchellZeeDoop

    MitchellZeeDoop Hylian Hero

    I had a dream that a protest broke out in NY because of Donald Trump winning the presidential election.
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  14. horcrux2007

    horcrux2007 Beyonce

    Go bitch about it on your profile, not in my thread.
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  15. MitchellZeeDoop

    MitchellZeeDoop Hylian Hero

    I had a dream that I was wearing Donald Trump. He always tends to grab everyone.
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  16. GrayPsi

    GrayPsi Hylian Citizen

  17. Schmischie

    Schmischie Hylian Citizen

    o ok
  18. EmberDarkwood

    EmberDarkwood God of Hyrule

    Necro aside, I dreamt that I went to the bathroom after getting through a large crowd. When I came out, they all were staring, as if they were waiting on me.
  19. lizayong

    lizayong Deku Scrub

    Is it true that we are not suppose to tell anyone about a bad dream that we have because it might happen for real? emm coz my dream are very scary.

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  20. dearius

    dearius Deku Scrub

    No that's not true. I always tell my bad dreams to my friends and family and it never happened for real.

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