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Discussion in 'Builder Applications' started by TheJoeWizard, Oct 13, 2019.

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  1. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    Who are you? My name is DarkLinkArisen, Or Captain Invictus. I am 14 years of age, I live in the U.S. and I am in Eastern Daylight Time.

    How long you have been on ZC? I have been on ZC for nearing three and a half years now.

    Your background in building? So far, I havr no contribution to server builds, but am currently working on three. I am privately doing the christmas event, and would like to work on it in the private building world with the other builders. I am also building a dungeon based off of the Lake Hylia bridge, which is not yet finished, and I am currently recreating the Thunderhead from Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword. I am quite devoted to these projects, and I will finish them.

    Knowledge of VoxelSniper and WorldEdit? Sadly, I have very little experience with WorldEdit, and none with VoxelSniper. I am trying my best to learn, and would be glad to get lessons from anyone who is willing, as WorldEdit and VoxelSniper play a big part in building. Not only do I want to learn these to help me build, but it is crucial that I learn these skills if I wish to become a builder.

    Knowledge of the Zelda Universe? I have amassed a great knowledge of the ZeldaVerse, from the manga, playing all of the games through multiple times, and reading clips found online. I am highly familiar with things found in BOTW and SS, as those two are my favorite games in the ZeldaVerse. I am currently replaying many of the games as it has been a long time since I have played some of them, and I need a refresher.

    What are you looking to or would like to contribute to our team? I would love to contribute to the server builds, as I not only love to express my creativity, but I love to make things others can enjoy as well. As I listed above, I an currently working on three server builds: The Thunderhead from LoZ SS, the christmas event, and a dungeon version of the Lake Hylia bridge from LoZ, BOTW.

    Please add photos of projects you have built recently. Attached are pictures of the server builds I am currently working on, excluding the christmas event as I have only just started it. My underwater village and ship house that I have restored, the underside of Emma's strip club that I have done, and the underwater homes I sold to Nasfi, as well as the Chateau Falco gatehouse I have made.

    Thank you for taking time to read this, and if I am accepted, I look forward to working with other builders, and if not, well I understand why. I have been a pain for a while, and I'm trying to better myself. I would love to be able to fix what I am doing wrong, and maybe someday even join the staff team. Thanks again for stopping to read and critique!
    Also it will be a minute before the pictures upload, my computer is being slow.

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  2. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    Here are some more pictures, I reached the limit.

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  3. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    Again, I reached the limit, here are some more pictures. I have also included the Crafted woods and the Oaken hall of Beorn form LOTR.

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  4. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    Here are the Crafted Woods and the Oaken Hall of Beorn.

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  5. Mergu

    Mergu Normie Staff Member

    No from me for now.
  6. DarkMarshal

    DarkMarshal Disneylandlord of your intellectual property Staff Member

    Hi Dark, whilst you have a decent number of builds, many of them seem very square. You also have to remember that the surroundings and nature of a build is just as, if not more, important as the build itself. There's lots of videos and tutorials on YouTube on how to build less blocky and terraform etc if you need help or inspiration. For now it's a no for me.
  7. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    There's no more need to reply to this app, the answer will be no, undoubtedly. And my comment of stating that i did not build the statue did not go through.
  8. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    Would you kindly elaborate as to why this is your answer?
  9. DarkMarshal

    DarkMarshal Disneylandlord of your intellectual property Staff Member

    Is this me or Mergu.
  10. Mac

    Mac Get Cut Bitch ~ Animu Child Staff Member

    “Dark, you need to improve your resume. The only build of yours I actually enjoy is the pirate ship with the black sails, which you didn’t even include in this app. Your builds are plain, they lack depth and style and your creativity is minimal.
    I want you to find your building voice. So I’m just gonna paste something I wrote on Darks app.
    “But, I’ll give you some pointers on how to improve. Ask to watch others while they build, ask about what concepts they use and how they would improve your builds. I would personally show you some good building techniques, but I cannot get online due to some personal stuff. But, ask Wobs. He’s a very good builder, almost as good as me (jk Ily Wobs), I’m sure he’ll teach you about some stuff.
    Also, ask either Wobs or Cow to go under my shop and get something for you. There’s “Mac’s guide to building” under it, it’s not finished but it lays out some of my building rules. ”
    Keep on building little buddy.”
  11. Kozuta

    Kozuta Simply Shameless Staff Member

    Personally, I'm gonna have to give this a no as well, unfortunately.

    None of these things stand out to me as something incredible, and all seem very basic. Some even looking like you've just taken screenshots of underwater structures, not to sound rude.

    Somewhat of a sidenote as well, the last two images of your third set of picture uploads are in a texture pack, while the rest are all in vanilla. Not to pin any claims of taking others images and such, but changing packs for only two images of 30 or more could raise that idea.

    So for me, my denial of this application is based around the fact that I believe you could keep improving at building so that your builds may begin to stand out more and be of a higher standard we could really use.

    However, I don't think your denial should be discouraging. Perhaps use it as a reason to work harder to improve, so that maybe you can reach the goal of your app being accepted in the future.
  12. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    Short answer; no.

    Long answer;

    Firstly, as said in your previous application, your builds are very plain and simple. Thankfully some do look better than the previous app, but from what I see the majority is still the same square/boxy builds with not much structure, and no surrounding work apart from a few.

    If you were going to mention that the statue wasn't your build, I am curious on why you included it as a screenshot with just the statue.

    Yesterday a default asked to test your dungeon (which in said dungeon you are forced to die in order to finish it). I remember you said you wanted their opinion (and generally anyone who tested it). They gave you their critique and their opinion, you thereupon said that they're just bad, which brings me onto my next subject.

    After so many times in the past that you've lied, made fun of other members, been genuinely impolite towards others, it's hard for me (and I'd believe many others) to trust you. If I have to be fair, I haven't seen much of you trying to better yourself, you're still doing most of those things.

    Now, as Archie said, there's plenty of tutorials in YouTube that show how to not make a build square/boxy, but there's also tutorials that show how VoxelSniper and WorldEdit works, as well as terraforming. It'll help if you practice, take advices from other people, those things.

    As Koz said, your denial should be discouraging. I've listed all my reasons here, because as you said, "you'd love to be able to fix what you're doing wrong", to clear this up, I'm saying those things to show you what you've been doing wrong and possibly help you understand what you need to fix.
  13. emma101213

    emma101213 Deku Scrub

    hi uhhhhh????? lmao????????? that's my club you posted as your build?????????????????????????????????
  14. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    Kindly reread the second to last paragraph, as you clearly did not read where I gave credit for it being your strip club As stated, "the underside of EMMA'S STRIP CLUB that I have done." Thank you for your time.
  15. nasfi

    nasfi Soufla Staff Member

    I believe that she was mentioning the fact of you saying you've build it, while in reality you've made only a hall and helped with some parts of it, but still saying you've built it.
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  16. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    I only said I did the bottom bit
  17. Andre

    Andre Deku Scrub

    DarkLinkArisen it is going to be a maybe from me for now I would like to see what other staff members and builders have to say. There are a couple of problems in your builds for me. The one problem I have with a lot of your builds is that they are very cube-like and don't have much depth to them. I think you are growing as a builder for sure and are showing more potential every time I see your builds which I like. The only problem is the lack of depth or design and detail.
  18. emma101213

    emma101213 Deku Scrub

    yeah, well, all you did was excavate it. I did read it by the way :) I'm responding that you did not "do" it.
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  19. mrwobblers

    mrwobblers Hylian Citizen Staff Member

    Your builds are very basic and lack detail of any kind. Not to mention a few of these screenshots are just being naturally spawning structures. Taking your past behavior into mind and your building skills, it's going to be a no from me.
  20. TheJoeWizard

    TheJoeWizard Deku Scrub

    Didn't I establish this to both you and koz, and in the app that while yes, they are the old ruins, I restored them to where they are.
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