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Discussion in 'ZeldaCraft Reports & Ban Appeals' started by TheJoeWizard, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. TheJoeWizard

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    Hey, Dark here. I was banned for toxic behavior and participating in quite a lot of stuff against the server rules, as well as bending and breaking said rules on my own. I also recently logged in on an alt account to tell Ichi that it was possible for me to connect, even though my Ip was banned. I did not do this with malicious intent, and I only did this to warn the staff. I believe I have changed, and I would love to come back. I understand why this will likely be denied, but I would love another chance, even though I've already had too many. I'm extremely grateful for being given all the chances I was, and believe that I can be a better person than I was if I get another. I feel that I have matured and that I can make better decisions when faced with tension and rudeness. I was rash, rude, and asenine, but I feel I have managed to move on from acting like an idiot. I thank you all immensely for reading this, even if it gets denied. Here's a cheers to good fortune!

    - Dark
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  2. Ichikuro

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    Since nobody is posting I guess I’ll start.

    I got to talk to you when you logged in with an alt. There was no malice behind it. Though I think you only logged in because it was me online and not any of the other admins. Some of the stuff you were posting leads to question where your head was at when you were posting it.

    I think in due time you will be unbanned. But right now I’m going to say give it a little more time. The stuff you were saying in those threads can’t be ignored.
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  3. greenleeuw

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    tbh i forgot to reply the first thime i read this.

    i too think that the stuff you said in those threads can indeed not be ignored.
    so at this very moment it is going to be a no from me
  4. Coolio723

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    I don't have any personal problems with you but I'm pretty sure last chance is last chance
    Sure you may have changed over the recent months, but what you did warranted a complete permanent ban and I have very little belief that your ban will be uplifted.
    You're a good person and all but you're going to need a SERIOUS change to come back here. No from me.
  5. TheJoeWizard

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    Thank you all for the replies. I understand the actions I've taken in the past and believe that when I am given the chance, I will be able to show everyone that I have truly changed. I also understand the fact that I was a terrible person, I was an absolute ass to put it short. Knowing this, I've been able to find what I've done wrong and better myself by quitting these habits. I am greatly sorry for the things I have said and the posts I have made. I have insulted many players and staff members, so I understand why it's not right for me to be able to return at this time. Until the next, I'll be waiting to prove myself.
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